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Fiat exchange platform Qvolta – P2P cryptocurrency

Fiat exchange platform Qvolta – P2P cryptocurrency

September 6, 2017 5:26 am,

Qvolta is a worldwide P2P conversation platform. It permits users to rapidly and effortlessly alter crypto currencies into the authorization currencies, and vice versa. Qvolta formed as a straight reply to a huge market problem that occurs in the global crypto currencies market. In the majority of countries around the world, individuals are not capable to rapidly (within 5-10 minutes) and suitably adapt crypto currencies into authorization money. Although some exchange platforms are accessible, most lack the scale and offer unworldly tech solutions that lack safety and are stimulating and intricate to use.

Qvolta will deliver individuals a dependable and suitable platform. To rapidly buy or sell crypto currencies with help of the most popular payment approaches for the authorization currencies accessible in the country of his/her residence. Firstly two crypto currencies will be obtainable for the exchange – Bitcoin and Ethereum, with an advanced future addition of Monero and other altcoins.

To confirm the finest user experience as well as guard the users, Qvolta will act as a guarantor for the trades performed on the platform. Safety will more be provided by services as Qvolta Wall and Qvolta Security. Qvolta solution will be obtainable both as a desktop and mobile applications (iOS and Android).

 The problem that is resolving

Today adapting cryptocurrency into an authorization money and vice versa is tremendously problematic due to the subsequent details:

Burdensome and time-consuming procedure. Fast addition of authorization currencies to exchanges is tremendously challenging due to the difficulties in connecting trade accounts to permit acceptance of the main payment systems. Also, it takes on regular a full day to transfer funds from a user’s bank account into to the exchange platform account; making prompt trades challenging.

The condition to contribute in trades. In order to be capable to purchase cryptocurrencies, a user has to share in trades without the skill to quickly make the purchase at the fixed price and in one click only.

High prices. Cryptocurrency wallets, that offer the options of crypto currencies purchase overcharge the users, with high commissions and added fees.


With the assistance of Qvolta, any resident from any country in the world will have a chance to:

Vend crypto currencies for authorization currencies using their favored local payment approaches;

Purchase crypto currencies for authorization currencies using their favored local payment procedures;

Take gain of the guarantor services to protect the transactions and save the trades.

  Value scheme

Qvolta solution will provide a number of assistances over other exchanges in the market, eventually offering an unparalleled value scheme for the users:

  • Appropriate & easy-to-use boundary
  • Low directive rates and no hidden fees
  • Obtainability of mobile application, and easy addition for the user among desktop & mobile
  • Fast provision for all of the processes, comprising dispute-resolution; and durable emphasis on 24/7 customer service
  • Guarantor system and high safety of the platform
  • Worldwide reach and occurrence in all countries globally