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The most exciting sports investment platform -BetOpen

The most exciting sports investment platform  -BetOpen

August 30, 2017 6:03 am,

BetOpen- There is no sport where people don’t gamble. You spike in your speculation and wait for the result. Bringing this to live, a new sportsbook BetOpen has launched its ICO which would showcase a number of investors. Ever since the government has eased on the regulation regarding gambling, the sports market has grown. So, with the gradual update of technology, these gamblers have taken onto the internet by investing in Bitcoins. The price of cryptocurrency keeps on rising and so, BetOpen saw this chance and grabbed the opportunity.

The official BetOpen sportsbook website has secure data which is encrypted from end-to-end and supports mobile devices as well. The business model shows a consistent way to increase revenue month to month by increasing the user base. It already has a lot of competitive features. BetOpen is an all round Sportsbook where one can get information on any sport be it football, basketball, horse riding or even golf. It is also available in umpteen numbers of languages. It offers thousands of events with the ability to place single and multiple bets on nay, pre-game or live and allows instant deposits.

Ever since the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) opening on the 17th June 2017 which lasted for a month till the 16th July 2017, users have placed a huge number of tickets in the range of $100-$300. The BetOpen token is represented by BETOP with the currency of Ethereum. A total of 100000 tokens will be available which allows the investors to hold rare assets with the price increases over time and therefore receive a high share in their corresponding shares. The BETOP Token price depends on a number of total investments that would be made at the end of the token sale. 10% of these tokens will be reserved for future purposes and 5% allocated for promotions.

BetOpen will use 30% of the funds to fund capital expenditures like enhancing the technology for the development team, increasing speed etc. 20% will be allocated to the marketing area, 30% will be for the bankroll to pay out the winning bets and finally the remaining 20% would be kept in reserve. BetOpen has a bigger picture that includes a 1-year target to attract investments where the aim is to get 10-20% bitcoin sports betting market share. In the second year, the goal increases to more than 30% in the market share and to become the top 3 crypto-sport betting platform. BetOpen uses a creative mind that excites the users with special offerings and promotions.