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European VC Companies Show an Interest in ICO and Blockchain

European VC Companies Show an Interest in ICO and Blockchain

April 19, 2018 6:12 am,

After not being a good year for the cryptocurrency, the global attention remains in place. Even with lesser prices, investors are influenced positive things are bound to occur. Several specialists’ statement Bitcoin will even hit $25,000 or later this year. It will take a lot of effort previously this can successfully occur. Currently, one BTC is appreciated at just over $8,000. It generates an excessive occasion for investors to purchase into this “craze”.

Not like what individuals may think, investors are not the only ones involved in cryptocurrency. European VC companies are also leaning toward Bitcoin and altcoin funds. Though this business remains mostly unregulated in Europe, it has fascinated a lot of attention. With recognized investors now arranging to embrace Bitcoin and altcoins, the upcoming looks pretty bright.  At the same time, this notice by European VC firms is still in the initial stages.

With businesses asking depositors whether or not they should follow this option, a motivating model is created. HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, for example, is observing to buy ICO tokens straight. This demonstrations these firms are not unavoidably purchasing existing and current cryptocurrencies. ICO tokens are also likable, although they bear a lot more risks in this concern. Zurich-based Lakestar has been making considered investments in cryptocurrency since 2017.

BlueYard Capital and Fabric Ventures were only set up newly. With a strong emphasis on blockchain investments, they also pay attention to digital currencies. Advancing in these blockchain firms frequently happens through the buying of native digital tokens and assets.

Purchasing into different businesses and tokens is a very unsafe plan. The modification is key in the cryptocurrency industry. But, VC companies are “experimenting” with the businesses they buy into, as none of them have proven track archives. Moreover, pretty a few of them do not even have an operational prototype at the time of their first coin offering. For VC firms, assessing the potential disadvantages needs to continue atop importance.

All of this institutional attention in cryptocurrency is a positive growth for the industry. With Europe not aggressively seeking harsh directive of cryptocurrencies, VC firms will have no scarcity of investment chances in the coming.