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Enjoy Life gives Cryptocurrency and Fiat Money right into your pocket!

Enjoy Life gives Cryptocurrency and Fiat Money right into your pocket!

October 25, 2017 7:58 am,

Enjoy Life has started its venture by already creating and developing an application for smartphones which combines a payment system, discount programs and a trading platform for the common customers. We humans, under the influence of online shopping (because the world has upgraded to a virtual concept, and of course the lack of free time to wander around real shops!), have come down to using the internet seeking for all sorts of solutions including minute shopping. This is a platform where you can find all sorts of discounts and trade offs in just one go. Currently, Enjoy Life has begun its operations in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and the USA. Enjoy Life has kick started its project by having more than 150 business partners from around the world.

Enjoy Life already has a working CRM system through with clients can start their transactions. The CRM gives us a full view of all outlets regardless of their geographical locations. The partners of Enjoy Life form a discount on their platform for the buyers which is published on the website. When a client/ partner finalizes on their purchase, it becomes simple to make a payment. He or she just needs to open the application (as mentioned earlier) and tap on “Invoice”, scan the QR code and, voila, the payment is made. The funds that are received by Enjoy Life can be withdrawn at any time to a bank card of the individual as well as be converted to the cryptocurrency if desired by the owner. Enjoy Life provides its partners opportunity to receive additional earnings on marketing. The amount of the earnings can reach upto 10% on marketing, from a partner you invited, with the calculations through Enjoy Life.

The Enjoy Life Token (ENJL) is an intra-platform currency which allows payment for products and services within the system. It will conduct 5 rounds of token emission with the limited issue of 50 million tokens. The Pre-Sale starts on 1st November, 2017 with the price of 1 ENJL = $0.5 (USD) and ends on 15th November, 2017. Here, the total amount of tokens issued will be 1 million pcs and the investors will receive 50% bonus. Finally, the ICO starts on 1st December, 2017. In the first 3 days, 20% bonus will be given and its starts reducing to 15% on the second 3 days, 10% bonus on the third 3 days and finally, 5% on the fourth 3 days. Total amount of 9 million tokens will be given. From the generated tokens, 2% of the sold tokens would be used for bounty program and 7% for the project team. All the unsold tokens will be BURNT.