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Enjoy Life, all your crypto needs under on application.

Enjoy Life, all your crypto needs under on application.

October 24, 2017 6:51 am,

Enjoy Life is a smartphone application designed for the participants and users of the crypto world, to benefit from the various amazing feature as mentioned below, together under one roof.

It provides for the following features:

  • multicurrency wallet
  • payment system
  • trading platform
  • marketplace
  • discount program

Now speaking about its origination, this platform was developed by 20 professionals and enthusiasts who wanted to cease the barriers between the crypto community and the traditional economy.

Until today, this platform is operating and facilitating its workings in 4 countries, namely, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Poland.

This system works with a primary mission to allow each user to freely, securely and comfortably receive, store and send both cryptocurrency and fiat payments without third-party converting services, payment systems, personal accounts and online stores.

The main functions of this application are as follows:

  • For clients or users:
    • Free sign up
    • Access to all discounts of business partners
    • Simplified payment with QR code
    • Multicurrency wallet
    • Secure payments and the guarantee of fair exchange
    • Purchase of cryptocurrency and its exchange within the application
    • Additional income from purchases of your invited friends
    • Internal chat for communicating with your friends
  • For business partners:
    • Sign up and activation of the account for a one-time fee of $14.99
    • Access to the entire Enjoy Life client base
    • Combining buyers and sellers in one platform
    • Creation of your own advertising campaigns and a visualized map of your business with its full description
    • 10% of the profit from each purchase of the customer of your business, as well as from the client of your competitors
    • Advertising support on online and offline channels from Enjoy Life
    • Additional income from attracting other partners to our platform
    • Absence of any commissions from user payments
    • Ensuring the security of payments and the preservation of personal information
    • No need for new equipment and creation of merchants

The ICO parameters can be explained as:

Firstly, to implement the project, the platform raises funds through ICO by realizing the token ENJL.

Project type: Token

Symbol: ENJL

Platform: Ethereum


Category: Payments

Total supply: 50000000 tokens

Token price: 0,5 USD

Minimum investment: 200 USD in equivalent


ICO start date:  December 1st, 2017

ICO end date: January 15th, 2018

Bonus rate: 50%

Here’s cryptocurrency, fiat money, and discount programs –in your wallet.