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Engagement Token: Value for interaction

Engagement Token: Value for interaction

June 4, 2018 6:33 am,

Engagement Token (EGT) is the value for interaction of users with the publisher’s content. This value is created by the site owner. Users earn these token through commenting or their online activity. Further, these tokens can be used by users to buy advertising, upvote commenting or offering these for sales to third parties who want to make use of engagement tokens or platform.

Nowadays advertisers are much active online in their promotion and creating awareness. They tend to clutter the websites with more and more banner ads. This annoys the users and most importantly creates a bad image with respect to publisher’s brand. Publishers don’t get what they deserve for their content because of reasons such as, firstly, users either install the ad blocker or just ignore the ads, secondly, online destinations such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube don’t create their own content but display publishers and users generated content, thirdly, there is increase in bounce rate on a publisher’s website due to slow loading or excessive display of advertisement, and lastly, physical distribution of newspapers has decreased due to emergence of World Wide Web.

Engagement Token is the way to increase user’s engagement. It rewards the interaction on the platform enabling users to qualify or quantify the engagement such as viewing, commenting, voting a post, sharing a post. Users can earn these tokens according to the publishers’ specifications.

The Engagement Platform is centered on three major components:

  • Publisher Module- With publisher engagement controls.
  • Analysis Module- With Comment1000( Ranking System) and Comments Radar(to identify trending topics)
  • Advertiser module- with PPA central (advertiser portal)

The Engagement Platform is part of the publisher’s site itself. It cannot be hidden by ad-blocking software. And, the Platform’s sophisticated sentiment analysis ability lets advertisers chose the right audience for their offer, thus increasing engagement.