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Eiracube: An Interface between e-commerce, and consumers

Eiracube: An Interface between e-commerce, and consumers

May 17, 2018 11:53 am,

Eiracube is a European startup which provides the direct channel between the consumer and e-commerce. It is a platform to showcase the unique product of a company on busy places to increase the sale of the particular product. It is basically the robotic powered pop-up store that displays the products beside busy street, airports, shopping malls etc so that number of consumers is attracted to it. It is an easy and cost-effective way to bring your product in to notice in a retail environment.

In the traditional method of online e-commerce business, retailers faced the problem with visibility, the popularity of their products and transactions. Consumers faced the problem with lack of awareness about new and popular products, transparency, and purchase transactions.

Eiracube is an answer to all the e-commerce problems. It fills the gap between traditional and digital sales. It is basically the revolution to an e-commerce industry. It does not require any human workforce as it is fully automated and handled by robots. It employs robots instead of assistants and helps in selling the products to consumers. It is designed to offer an excellent shopping experience. Each cube includes an integrated robot and store management system, dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot, point of sale (POS) touch screen, and payment system accepting cash and cryptocurrencies.

Physical Structure of Eiracube:-

The cube dimensions are 6 meters by 3 meters (18m2) on average. The cube hosts twelve SKUs and may stock 200 to 2000 product items in its inventory. The number of items stocked depends on their size. The merchants’ advertising content is communicated through twelve Full HD 22” screens located at each shelf and two 65” pure digital signage screens set at both ends of the shop. Once the customer has chosen and paid for the purchase, an IAM Robotics AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) robotic assistant retrieves the item from stock and delivers it to a dispensing gate for collection.

Benefits of Eiracube are:-

  • Growth in footfall
  • Consumers know about new and unique products
  • Consumers can try the product without actually purchasing it.
  • Online merchants can get data about the client.
  • Bring new audience to shopping center owners.

The source of revenue of this model is the shelf space rental income. To put an item on an Eiracube’s shelf, a client has to pay a fee set by an AI-based algorithm, which takes into account a number of client and product metrics.

All the transaction for Eiracube is based on either cash or BRETT token. Individual customers will be able to make retail payments, half in BRETT tokens and a half in cash. Likewise, corporate clients who wish to lease shelf space in cubes can make payment half in BRETT tokens and a half in cash.


Eiracube takes the unique product and displays it in a smart pop up store. Smart popup store can be situated in the middle anywhere, in a city park, besides the street, in a shopping mall or in an airport. Basically placing the pop-ups where maximum visibility is ensured. Each product displays the detailed information about the products and its price. Customers can purchase the item right away with the pan card reader included in the store.