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Doft, integrating shippers with truckers.

Doft, integrating shippers with truckers.

December 14, 2017 6:47 am,

For truckers, finding loads is not an easy task. There are varied negotiations with the middlemen or shippers which constitutes a lot of their time. To eliminate problems associated with trucking and making it easier, there is Doft.

Many of their clients consider Doft as the most efficient transportation solution with 150,000+ loads per day.

Doft has also recently integrated with PostEverywhere- it’s a major trucking freight marketplace and after this, more than 2000 shippers pull their loads into the platform daily.

Some of the defining features of the platform are:

  • Real-time access to trucks
  • GPS tracking of shipments
  • Instant confirmation of rates
  • Get paid within 24 hours
  • Get more freight to move
  • Reduce deadhead miles

This IT Company is considered as a disruptive on-demand technology for the US trucking industry which instantly matches freight shippers and truck drivers with the help of a mobile app.

Here’s how it works:

  • A is a shipper and he wants to deliver 30000 pounds of tomatoes across the state without any delay.
  • His shipment is ready for pickup but he is not able to find trucks to help him out.
  • Here comes Doft into the picture.
  • A logs into the app enters his freight information and confirms it.
  • This offer entered by Mr. A is instantly sent to truckers around the area.
  • There is a Mr. B who is a qualified trucker. He accepts the offer and checks all the information immediately.
  • The transaction is now executed.
  • A can track down the delivery status of his shipment and receive a proof of delivery too.

It is a start-up founded by two classmates, friends and tech entrepreneurs with more than 10 years IT expertise. Their goal is to instantly connect shippers and truckers through the mobile app. They want to help truckers grow their businesses and shippers move freight fast and easy.

Let’s see how its Load Board helps its participants:

For truck drivers:

  • Find the right truckloads within a minute
  • Negotiate the best deal and earn more per mile and
  • Reduce empty miles
  • No paperwork and no hassle
  • Access from anywhere

For shippers:

  • Choose only best suitable price and drivers
  • Waste no much time posting a load
  • Book a truck in seconds
  • Validate MC authority, safety, and insurance

Token details are as follows:

These coins will be used to buy goods and services on the platform.


Token name: Doftcoin

Token symbol: DFC

Token standard: ERC20

Total supply: 50000000 DFC

Payment via: Ethereum

Price: 1 ETH= 350 DFC

Its Pre-ICO 2.0 sale is live now, so hurry:

No more prolonged transportations.