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Digital assets now safe beyond the lifespan through Timebox

Digital assets now safe beyond the lifespan through Timebox

August 16, 2018 5:29 am,

Many assets remain trapped forever after the owner of it passes away, causing a lot of distress to the friends and family who are the actual heir of the asset or funds stacked away in the foreign bank accounts as well as crypto wallets.

TimeBox team is excellent in various technologies like artificial intelligence finance, marketing, virtual reality, business expansion and Blockchain. Timebox combines our passion and expertise to curate solutions that will stay for a very long time. Timebox guarantees to keep the digital assets safely forever and deliver to people whom the owner designates when needed. TimeBox directly addresses the issues that centralized storage face like violation of privacy, hacking, personal data leakage and permanent loss.

It is basically a time capsule which is powered by a decentralized storage as well as smart contracts which keeps the digital assets safe guaranteeing their delivery at any moment, any place as well as to anyone whom the user selects..

TimeBox was founded to be remembered as an organization that brought up a solution to remote storage as well as the custody of digital asset in an economical and accessible way. User belongings survive mayhem of privacy as well as security issues. In the age where the society is transitioning from industrial age to information age, where the data is the most valuable resource. Everyone is out to sell who the user is are and what he does. TimeBox combines Blockchain technology and contracts to provide the decentralized custody service of assets. The Blockchain powered decentralized method provides data security and integrity by eliminating the censorship, data failure, and tampering.

The usage of TimeBox is very easy. The most powerful data custody tool in the world has been designed from the ground up to be very easy to use for everybody, even for those who haven’t heard of Blockchain ever.

Users receive a virtual TimeBox that lets them safely store any type of digital file virtually. Contracts on Blockchain guarantees safe data storage and convenient access along with data encryption.