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Dentacoin, a toothy blockchain solution around the globe.

Dentacoin, a toothy blockchain solution around the globe.

October 16, 2017 7:30 am,

Dentacoin, originated in Netherlands is the new ethereum -based token, with a mission to revamp dental healthcare worldwide. It is under the purview of smart contracts. This platform aims to hold the hands of the teeth community by forming solutions and programs which in turn enhance the quality of dental care worldwide.

Through this platform, the creators want to make dental care affordable with the help of blockchain advantages, via the crowd power.

For instance, with the collected dentacoins, patients can: pay for their treatments, pay for their dental insurance, and buy oral care products. As for the dentists: They will have a stable basic income, can buy dental materials and equipment, create a patient community, and cut on their marketing costs.

Speaking of the tokens, it first went public on an exclusive presale on 1st of July 2017.

These tokens are also configured to be used globally by all individuals and its value is derived from the exchange with Ether. The symbol ^ has been chosen to represent a DCN.

This token is ranked 103 in the cryptocurrencies community.  Its total supply is 8,000,000,000,000; some part of which is currently live on the website started October 1, 2017, to November 1, 2017.

Its whitepaper can be referred for detailed information: .

There are three ways you can buy these coins: with Ether (ETH), with Bitcoin (BTC), and with Indian Rupees (INR).


1 ETH= 2500000 DCN

1 BTC= 33000000 DCN

It is the first cryptocurrency which uses a decentralized review platform and rewards the dental community, who makes contributions to the industry in any way, transparently. The reviews are bifurcated into two, standard and trusted. The standard reviews can be written by anybody whereas the trusted should be written only by actual patients. Now every single review posted here is rewarded from the foundation subject to the foundation having stock of DCNs.

The following are the milestones which the DCN industry wishes to attain, in the coming years: Knowledge, expansion, determination and eternity.

The funds raised with the dentacoins will be utilized in the following proportions:

-40% for core development

-25% for operational

-25% for marketing and sales

-10% for legal and compliance

The merits of these coins include transparent reviews, permanent data storage, and market research value to name a view.

Indeed, this idea can prove to be revolutionary in the industry of dentistry and be a helping hand to the ever so tremendous progress of a better dental world.