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Dentacoin launched a successful first tool even before its ICO

Dentacoin launched a successful first tool even before its ICO

September 29, 2017 9:07 am,

When Dentacoin launched a pre-sale back in July, a few people believed that this new concept will make waves in the dental industry. The success of the presale allowed Dentacoin to fund the pilot project, the Trusted Review Platform, and conduct a successful marketing campaign for the upcoming ICO on October 1st.

Since its launch around a month ago, the Trusted Review Platform has more than 2000 registered users and 250 dental practices. This is a huge interest for the young tool, prooving that Dentacoin understand the needs of the dental industry and works towards providing solutions to specific problems


How does it work? Dentacoin Serves Both Sides of the Dental Market

Dentacoin works with both sides of the dental industry to close the gap between the needs and possibilities. For dental professionals, Dentacoin provides feedback from patients, access to valuable market research data, chance to improve the quality of the service and rewards, paid entirely in Dentacoin – the custom token, which serves all tools of Dentacoin project. For patients, Dentacoin Trusted Review Platform provides the opportunity to make an impact through feedback, to get their voice hear, the ability to choose which services to use and rewards, paid entirely in Dentacoin.


But why does the world need Dentacoin?

Dentacoin is a long term concept, developing and implementing a number of tools and solutions, such as innovative, highly efficient dental clinic concepts to the global dental industry.


There’s No Time Like the Present

In a little under a month, Dentacoin has caught the attention of cryptocurrency community who want in on the ground floor of this dynamic and diverse Blockchain-built feedback system. And that’s just the start: when the ICO launches on the 1st of October, Dentacoin is expecting to see record breaking sales. Many companies say they think they have the next big thing, but Dentacoin’s pre-sale ICO is already returning 2-3 times the initial value. This lends well to the ICO launch coming in October, because investors will want to be involved early on to avoid paying higher prices for this unique cryptocurrency later. What’s more, based on the initial tripling of the Dentacoin value, cryptocurrency investors are more likely to buy larger amounts of coins during the ICO in anticipation of further growth.


Feedback, Access, and More

This coin is quietly disrupting the dental industry, but it won’t be quiet for long. Anyone looking to get involved in a cryptocurrency ICO should consider investing in Dentacoin. Their premiere product, the trusted review platform, uses an incentive-based system to encourage dental clients to leave candid and useful information about their actual dental experiences. Not only does this information provide feedback to dental professionals, it can be used to help clients source their next dentist as well. Increasing access to information, as well as client care, is a major focus of Dentacoin. The future is bright for Dentacoin, and they already have multiple projects planned to complement their pilot product.


Numbers Don’t Lie

While the world is waiting on the next big thing to come out of a startup, Dentacoin is poised to quickly take that title. And there’s no denying that the cryptocurrency market is waiting for the next Bitcoin to emerge. With seemingly overnight success and a growing interest in their cryptocurrency, Dentacoin is about to rock the boat in a good way. Changing the face of the dental industry, and working to bridge the gap between client and dentist, Dentacoin’s initial return on investment proves the need for a trusted review platform like the one they have launched. Not only does the platform give the power to the people to take more control over their dental experiences, the financial benefits — both on and off the platform — are limitless. If the initial uptake of Dentacoin’s cryptocurrency is any indication of the future of this digital coin review platform, you’ll want to dig into this one for the long haul.


Unique Value Propositions

Many companies claim to have a unique value proposition — the thing that sets them apart from the rest of the competition — but so few actually deliver on that value. Dentacoin is a great example of a company that offers a unique value proposition, and actually, delivers on that promise. Taking on the dental industry in a way that brings the dentist and client together means more opportunity for industry growth, and it puts people in charge of an industry that has been sitting idle for far too long. Dentacoin’s trusted review platform will bring about major change that is going to be necessary to move the dental industry along to meet the demands of this century. What’s more, no one has attempted to take on this side of the industry before.


Improving a Decentralized Market

Cryptocurrency is decentralized, which means that it has no government and no bank. The very fact that cryptocurrency is not regulated means that the people who invest in it and dabble in cryptocurrency have more power, more access, and more choice when it comes to how they want to use and acquire money. Dentacoin is using cryptocurrency to unite an industry that is scattered, practice-centric, and struggling to find its way into the future. The company sees the value in putting the power of change into the hands of the clients the industry serves, and they are moving fast to bring about this change. With more than 2000 registered users already, it’s clear that people want a different way to interact and engage with the dental industry.

Dentacoin launches its ICO on 1st of October, 2 p.m. GMT. Over 30K people are already registered on the waiting list. The main modes of payment during the ICO will be Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Indian Rupee (INR). The price for the entire ICO period will remain fixed at 2 500 000 DCN for each 1 ETH contributed or 33 000 000 DCN per 1 BTC. More information on the official Dentacoin ICO page: