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Data Breaches and Data Security Measures are a Money Sinkhole, Here’s How to Solve Them!

Data Breaches and Data Security Measures are a Money Sinkhole, Here’s How to Solve Them!

June 19, 2018 5:49 am,

In the light of the recent events involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, it is safe to say that our online digital footprint is no longer reliable. The breaching of our online privacy is more often than not, in the hands of these giant companies that use it as they see fit. Frankly, no real solution can solve this issue, given the current software development paradigms. With the help of Blockchain technology, however, an efficient solution for this pressing matter can be implemented.

P2PSF: The world’s one and only, genuinely interference-free, communications system

Gone are the days of online data breaches, thanks to P2PS’s revolutionary blockchain system, companies can spare millions in data security expenses as their online stored data, and the confidential digital information is relayed with absolutely no interference from any third party.

By essentially, creating a secure peer-to-peer ecosystem, users can finally send and receive sensitive digital data such as banking statements, medical records or any other kind of sensitive data. The need for such a platform is acute as no available service can guarantee interference-free data relay services.

As the public learns about the fantastic features of using the P2PS network, the value of the project should increase gradually, with the help of a user-friendly experience and the intuitive interface that guides users through a seamless online experience. The raised funds during the ICO period will be used to catalyse sustainable growth.

The advantages of owning P2PS Tokens

–    Being a P2PSF investor means that you care about secure communications and you are an active believer in the economic system built around this interference-free secure data transport platform.

–    The team behind P2PSF believes in a truly “supply and demand” type of market, and as the volume of token purchases will increase, the volume of transactions on the platform is going to be directly correlated with it.

–    By purchasing P2PS tokens, you are going to own the ability to use the platform’s safe data services, as the token is created to serve as a utility token. The current price is set at 250 per 1 ETH, but as the demand for secure data relay increases, the value of the P2PSF will increase as well.

Who can benefit from using the platform?

  1. Merchants

Service vendors and financial institutions that currently pay a considerable sum of money for data safety.

  1. Ordinary Users

People who believe in the future of the project and are holding P2PS, knowing that its value will increase.

  1. Software Developers

Bounties will be available for developers who wish to enhance the ecosystem further.

It’s no secret that the current data usage paradigm has to change, people are waking up the reality that services like Google and Facebook are not free because of the constant data they are putting out, and these large conglomerates are using it at their whim. It’s time we take back control of our data with P2PSF!