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Cryptocurrency-Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Now and Then!

Cryptocurrency-Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Now and Then!

September 6, 2018 9:22 am,

From the time the cryptocurrency has started, it has changed and has always tried to keep the investors on high alert and making them aware of the high-risk investments they have made. Looking back to 2013, it is no surprise that BTC is at the top position as measured by the market capitalization. It is the position BTC has maintained since Namecoin altcoin was introduced in 2011 which was the only competing for the digital currency.

The list of the other top coins include some familiar names, but few have entered which were never heard of before.

In September 2013 the top coins included Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Namecoin, Peercoin, Feathercoin, Novacoin, Primecoin, Terracoin, and Infinitecoin.

Figure 1: September 2013


Along with Bitcoin, LTC and Ripple have been part of the present top 10 currencies. LTC have managed to maintain its status as “Silver to Bitcoins gold” thanks to its active community and its continuous innovation by the Coinbase engineer. LTC is famous due to its fast transaction times and low fees.

Ripple has held on to its position in the top 10, all credit to the strong financial backing and sustained investor that believe it will be successful in goal to become the go to currency for interbank money transfer.

Namecoin is the 4th largest currency and was enabled for storage of data on the Blockchain and to secure the decentralized DNS. It has survived but has fallen off the radar for investors and now stands at 181 position.

Peercoin was the 1st to be with Proof of Stake, now stands at 121 position. FTC is at a position of 240. Primecoin which as the name suggests deals with prime numbers and POS. All the coins have fallen.

Figure 2: September 2018


Looking at the top ten recently we can see the digital market has come a long way Back then altcoins were largely clones of the Bitcoin with slightly faster transactions times and lower fees. Today they have much more to offer, right from the smart contract functionality to acting as transactional layers for Internet of Things to enabling anonymous payments.  On a fairly quiet day for all cryptocurrency, one has emerged as the top, and that is Ethereum (ETH) and is beating all comers anyhow.