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CryptoCompare mobile application for digital currencies.

CryptoCompare mobile application for digital currencies.

November 2, 2018 6:19 am,

Well known and renowned Cryptocurrency market data provider CryptoCompare has introduced a new mobile application for digital currencies. It will enable traders to keep track of Cryptocurrency data.

Due to demand which is driven by CryptoCompare’s Crypto trading community this application has been launched. This will provide numbers of benefits, some of them are as mentioned below:-

  • Cryptocurrency can monitor the live Bitcoin and Altcoins pricing data, where prices are very volatile.
  • Customers can access a range of historical charts and technical analysis of major 130 exchanges and over 5500 coins and 240,000 trading pairs around the world.
  • This will facilitate users to track their Crypto investments in various portfolios.
  • Users will receive all the latest or current news about the Cryptocurrency industry that is relevant as it is very important for investors to have the necessary information about how to take investment decisions.
  • Users of this application can view trading volumes of the most popular digital currencies.
  • The charting tools enable investors to identify coin price trends and apply technical analysis and spot trading patterns.

This mobile application will basically give the choice for the users on how they want to interact with the Cryptocurrency markets. It can be easily downloaded in iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, the application and the company follow the rigorous standards for maintaining the integrity and ensuring consistency and confidence in the market.

The mobile application provides the significant information which is necessary to make smarter investment decisions based on insights gained from CryptoCompare’s real-time historical and Blockchain data for each Cryptocurrency.

About CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare was founded in 2014. It is a global Cryptocurrency market data provider which gives real-time, high quality and reliable market and pricing data on 5300+ coins and Currency pairs globally.