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Cryptaur, making way towards positive consumer experience

Cryptaur, making way towards positive consumer experience

November 1, 2017 10:43 am,

One has to keep moving with the advancements in technology. And so does Cryptaur. It is designed in a way to render utmost efficiency to consumers, while they perform the economic function of demanding products.

Here, this model tries to vouchsafe decentralized technology to the target audience. It is in the process of building an ecosystem for dApps, that is, decentralized applications, in order to benefit the consumers, while they are in need of amalgamated, organized, and curate products and services.

Cryptaur wants to establish a platform where there is a perfect proportion of transparency and trust with consumers, which in turn will help them make better decisions, and eventually, furnish for a better economy.

Here is a list of features, under this network:

  • Blockchain support for all.
  • Community-driven trust.
  • Multi-usage.
  • Real-time and full transparency.
  • Behavior-driven rewards.
  • Supporting consumer dApps.
  • Consumer Protection.
  • Shared Economy.

The infrastructure of this network is comprised of two essential components including:

  • The crypto wallet: This acts as a trench between crypto and the real world.
  • Cryptaur pay: It is an intermediary which allows for the seamless handling of fiat and cryptocurrencies.

With the usage of blockchain technology, this model allows you to make purchase decisions seconded by fully transparent information provided to you, from the buyer’s circle of influence, which here is said to be your personal networks.

Anyone with a desktop or a smartphone can transact through these blockchain lines without making any changes to their before used methods of confirming payments.

Here, we have programs like peer-to-peer commerce, business to consumer exchanges, sharing economy applications, to name a few.

This decentralized platform ultimately provides merchants and consumers the opportunity to be connected through trusted influencers rather than middlemen, attached to the advertising and paid products placements.

This network initially studied the social and behavioral psychology so that it could create attractive user incentives, which would buttress the economy and the consumers therein.

Token details as follows:

Symbol: CPT

Cap: No cap


Fundraiser Date: November 1, 2017. (Will last for a month)

Denominations: Ether and Bitcoins.


In the fundraiser, the sooner you subscribe the more discounts you avail,

So: Invite. Purchase. Promote. Influence. Connect