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Credits the upcoming cryptocurrency trend

Credits the upcoming cryptocurrency trend

April 26, 2018 5:19 am,

Credits is a universal cryptocurrency with its own App. It simplifies crypto. For most people, buying crypto is a complex process. With our intuitive mobile App buying, sending and receiving it couldn’t be easier. Buying and using Credits supports renewable energy and sustainable projects. We will be involved in Solar, wind and agricultural projects all earning residual income to stimulate the Credits ecosystem.

Renewable resources backed by Crypto. It will traverse the realms of commerce, gaming, and gambling.

We will be developing our own merchant technology where merchants can cash out credits directly into Fiat.

We will be working with game developers to integrate it into a usable in game currency that you can export from the game. Imagine being able to cash out your in game currency into real fiat.

It’s no secret. Slot machines calculate your earnings in Credits. We will be working with casino software development companies to implement this into online gambling so when you lose you donate.

Although bitcoin is essentially the pioneer of cryptocurrency it is time for a vast improvement in the overall technology. Bitcoin is a way to slow even by today’s standards and it’s very confusing for a newbie to comprehend. Bitcoin doesn’t support anything tangible and is highly inefficient for people to convert bitcoin into cash.

It will solve these issues by making our own user-friendly intuitive platform for buying, selling and cashing out of credits.It is its own cryptocurrency capable of lightning-fast speeds. Transfer of Credits will be instantaneous throughout our platform which is now live on the Google Play Store. This will soon be available on the Apple Store as well.

It is unique because they will be backed by renewable energy and sustainable projects. This will provide residual income to further improve its ecosystem. In order to achieve liquidity of credits we will be negotiating with many major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order.

The current value of it is CRED = $0.01