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Credits, presenting a new generation of blockchain.

Credits, presenting a new generation of blockchain.

December 29, 2017 5:45 am,

Credits, as a platform working under the principles of the blockchain, aims to replace old technologies by offering new approaches to the construction of registry, processing, consensus, preservation, and transmission of data.

Different to other software that usually are more focused in automatic trading like the Bitcoin Revolutoin, Credits brings a whole new structure to be used on their own blockchain.

Credits have implemented a way which helps the platform to be maintained with a very low transaction cost for the widespread introduction of this platform. Along with low cost, some other distinguishing features are:

* Huge volume

* Higher speed

The primary mission of this platform is to introduce Credits blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies everywhere and make decentralized relationships a reality. This technology allows you to do this.

Hence, the services provided by this platform are:

– Payments

– Loans and deposits

– Interbank and cross-border payments

– Trading operations

– Exchanges and stocks

The platform, as a whole, has developed its MVP and the Alpha is almost completed. In turn, they have received positive feedback and a considerably huge demand from users and experts anxious to implement the Credits platform has been made.

So, we can say that Credits is a cryptocurrency that can be used within the platform as a payment for services and also has a huge potential to move beyond the platform as a free monetary unit, just like other cryptocurrencies like BTC.

– This will create products within the platform that will use Credits as a payment mode and hence, increase the currency value.

– These tokens will be readily available for trading on the exchanges once ICO is completed.

ICO details:

Token symbol: CS

The Pre-ICO has finished on 26th December 2017.

ICO dates: 15th January 2018- 15th February 2018.

Soft cap: $15 million USD

Hard cap: $20 million USD

Minimum cap: 1.5 million USD (this has been already achieved)

Accepted payment mode: ETH and BTC

Token exchange rate: 1 ETH= 5000 CS

The total number of tokens to be issued: 1000000000 CS tokens.

The technologies and defining features of this platform includes the following:

* New technological design

* Fast and secure consensus

* New instrument for developers and users

* No existing, working analogues

* Additional encryption

* Modern algorithm of signature

* New blockchain and no mining

* Archiving as a way to expand owners nodes

You can learn more about this platform on:



In conclusion, Credits is an open blockchain network with internal cryptocurrency and self-executing smart contracts.