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Credits: In support of Green Energy

Credits: In support of Green Energy

May 9, 2018 8:00 am,

Credits are the type of Cryptocurrency supported and accepted universally. It basically simplifies crypto. It provides with a platform for buying, selling and cashing out of credits. It deals with Cred (CX) Cryptocurrency. It provides with a mobile mining app that supports green energy or renewable energy.

Credits are basically the evolution in Cryptocurrency market. It is unique because it is backed by renewable energy and sustainable projects. Renewable are backed by crypto. It will go across the realms of commerce, gaming, and gambling.

Slot machines calculate the earnings in credits. The company will be working with casino software development companies to implement Credits into online gambling so when you lose you donate.

It is the only Cryptocurrency that is fast intuitive and mobile and mobility is the only challenge.

The major problem in the world of Cryptocurrency is that it is highly volatile since it is not regulated by any authority. Due to this risk, only investors hesitate in investing in Cryptocurrency market. It solve this issue of volatility by investing in green energy and sustainable projects that earn residual income. The income which is generated is used to improve the technology.

As usage of mobile phone and internet is increasing day by day the growth of this Cryptocurrency will increase. With the use of credit app on both Android and iOS, the reach will be to 2.4 billion smartphone users as of 2018. There will be an estimated 6 billion Smartphone users in the year 2020.

Benefits which credits provide are:-

  • It has its own platform of buying, selling and cashing out credits.
  • Transfer of credit is made easier.
  • It is live on Google play store or apple store as well.
  • This provides the residual income which will further improve the ecosystem.
  • It reduces the risk of volatility.