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COSS token sale, a crypto one stop solution.

COSS token sale, a crypto one stop solution.

October 13, 2017 5:53 am,

The COSS platform, a block-chain supported Singaporean platform, offers you with its own digital wallet service which facilitates trades for the cryptominds, along with gossips on board.

Originated by MIT fintech course committee members in early 2016, it is now underway to the beta phase of its cryptocurrency ecosystem.

It encompasses a payment gateway, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform, to highlight in detail.

Coming back to the COSS token, these tokens are issued for acquiring sustainability to the platform. In shorter words, it is a revenue-generating token on Ethereum. To boost, uphold and maintain the progress of its platform, these tokens are the bread winners.

In summarization with regard to the tokens, we have:



Hard cap: 216,667 ETH

Soft cap: no soft cap

Conversion rate: 1 ETH= 600 COSS

Basically, these token enables its owners to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by this system for cryptocurrency transactions. It is 100% self-funded project which does not rely on any outside party investments for its working.

There have been multiple COSS token swaps in the current year. To name a few we have, the July 10th FIRE SWAP, the August 8th Token Swap.

Its instant transactions, numerous crypto and fiat currency markets, security and supportive features have dominantly made a way for the success of this platform.

Let’s recollect the basic idea behind COSS.IO:

Wallet, for storing all your crypto funds at a location, securely.

Exchange, for fast, secure and simple exchange transactions of crypto as well as fiat currencies.

Merchant platform, for maintaining all your finances on a single platform.

The moment a non-crypto mind decides to enter into cryptocurrencies, there comes COSS to your rescue. This platform will guide you through the all the services to the currencies, to the features and the programs, you name it- they have it.

This platform obtains its funding via three sources:

Withdrawal fees, exchange transaction fees, and payment gateway.

There also exists a certification course with respect to its functionality. This was commenced with the view to create awareness and educate customers, engage and appreciate the new user base.

In conclusion, Its platform is established so as to discharge exceptional integrated services for all cryptocurrencies for delightful user experience.