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Cointed, a profound merger between crypto & the real world.

Cointed, a profound merger between crypto & the real world.

November 21, 2017 6:40 am,

Back in 2014, when like-minded bitcoin freaks experienced vulnerability and felt like the process was a lot of time-consuming, they came up with this idea of establishing a platform which will help crypto dealers to get away with such inefficiencies. The primary goal of originating Cointed was making the access to cryptocurrencies as easy as possible.

Cointed has already commenced with a successful and profitable business. It offers a wide range of working blockchain-based products and services. Starting from its online exchange, numerous bitcoin ATMs, to effortlessly obtaining cryptocurrencies. They also offer payment systems for retailers of all sizes, a crypto VISA card and sustainable “Green” cryptocurrency mining with a unique business model.

Talking about the cointed tokens:

With the intention to acquire and reach international markets, Cointed raises funds to conquer the global reach requirements and expenses via the following ICOs.

Token symbol: CTD (Cointed Token)

Token price: Fixed to 1000-1150 CTDs/ETH

Pre ICO start date: October 20, 2017

Pre ICO end date: November 19, 2017

Pre ICO distribution:  130,000,000 CTD

Pre ICO bonus: 20%

ICO start date: November 20, 2017

ICO end date: February 28, 2018

Token amount: Up to 650000000 CTDs

Maximum tokens to be distributed: 100%, no further tokens will be generated.

Maximum token purchase: No limit




The coins usage proportions will be bifurcated as:


30%- Development purposes- empowerment of IT expertise

30%- Manpower accumulation- nontechnical

15%- Marketing and awareness- traditional and digital

25%- Licensing and evolving partnerships and integrations


The Cointed services will include:

  • Storage for not only fiat currencies, but also popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins.
  • Instantly converting currencies through its exchange or mobile application at a favorable rate.
  • Creating of a partner network for the introduction of a cash-back system.
  • Allowance to open deposits in any of our cryptocurrencies.
  • To apply for a loan in any of our cryptocurrencies.
  • Permits to use the card at any Cointed ATM for reduced fees.
  • Making instant money transfers between network participants around the world.

The advantages of this platform added are:

  • Decreased risk
  • Lower cost
  • Merchants get a wider client base
  • For initial token backers

Get an ETH wallet. Acquire ETH. Send ETH. Receive CTD.