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Cointed, that what is the future currency.

Cointed, that what is the future currency.

January 3, 2018 6:09 am,

Cointed works to create a link between the cryptocurrency world and the real world.

This platform came into being in 2014 by a group of like-minded people. This team has had been fans of Bitcoin cryptocurrency ever since. After all of this, the primary aim of this team was to make available cryptocurrencies as easily as possible.

However, we can see that cryptocurrencies are already being adopted at the global level by investors and businesses. Hence, in a way, Cointed strives to build a bridge between the real world and the cryptocurrency world for a better future in this field.

Even after the increased value of cryptocurrencies, there are certain problems and drawbacks prevailing throughout the investors like how can they easily change their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies? This has created the need for easier and more secure ways to get their hands on these currencies in the first place.

Cointed tries to satisfy the demand for convenient ways to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies or the other way round.

The platform offers a wide range of working blockchain based products and services. It also has an already successful business model and is profitable in its working.

This platform approves of the following features or services:

  • There is a Cointed crypto exchange for trading in cryptocurrencies.
  • It also has multi-currency ATMs which they regard as the biggest provider in Europe.
  • Payment solutions are accelerated. These can be integrated into online shops and existing cash register systems.
  • Green Mining is possible at multiple mining farms throughout Europe. Only eco-friendly mining with hydro and wind power.
  • Because of these, a sustainable growth of the blockchain can be insured.

Also, this platform is in its final stages of acquiring a banking license. Also, the appropriate legal framework has been queued up.

ICO and token details:

Token symbol: CTD

Token price: Fixed to 1000-1150 CTDs/ETH

ICO start date: November 20, 2017

ICO end date: February 28, 2018

Token amount: Up to 650,000,000 CTDs

Minimum token price: 1 Wei

Some of the distinguishing features are:

  • Pausable token
  • Upgradable coins
  • Owner limits
  • Safe defaults
  • Merchants get a wider client base
  • For initial token backers

Learn more about this network here:

“Mine green and save the planet.”