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CoinDrive – where Gamers are Investors

CoinDrive – where Gamers are Investors

November 7, 2017 7:20 am,

Cryptocurrency has ventured into a variety of projects with the aim to introduce itself into a number of fields. CoinDrive has taken the most creative incentive of introducing Cryptocurrency to Gamers. Gamers – often seen as sofa potatoes (no offense) who keep their eyes glued to the screen and play on some guns and kicks game. CoinDrive can convert their virtual game land (or in fact any other asset) into a cryptocurrency asset and trade it off for a profit but still have the power to use the said item, or asset, for their game. This way, Gamers – the most unasked group of people in the world (no offense) can become INVESTORS in no time.

Traders who are already earning money in cryptocurrency markets and are looking for more assets to purchase can definitely give this a shot. CoinDrive allows this with a transparently shared e-wallet which is connected to various social networks. The value of this e-wallet grows and thus, makes a profit to the traders and all the investors who are involved in that particular wallet. One exciting feature is that the shared e-wallet contains a chat system which is integrated with all virtual platforms like web, Android, iOS etc.

Investing in a gaming, or virtual, a world, where assets are not in a physical form, might be difficult for some people, but there is a catch. A shared wallet gives a unique experience of raising funds for social actions. This becomes a common ground for the investors as well as the traders and brings in the essence of trust.  The public investors can connect to the system by chatting on the website which is in synchronization with a Telegram Chat (the main chat service). There is a dashboard available where all the activities and various pages are displayed. The bidding can be requested at any time.

Every Blockchain has a token sale. CoinDrive’s Token Presale is from 10th October 2017 to 13th November 2017 where 1,250,000 DriveCoin (CDR) Tokens are planned for sale. Here, 1 CDR = 0.7 USD. CoinDrive also gives daily offers as a means to attract more Gamers into its system. On day 1, it will give 15% bonus, on day 2 – 10%, on day 3 – 5% and finally it finishes off on day 4 with no offers. The funds generated will be used to 44% in product development, 28% in Marketing needs, 16% of security funds and 12% of administrative needs.