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Coinbase launches Coinbase earn and educational program.

Coinbase launches Coinbase earn and educational program.

December 21, 2018 7:58 am,

According to Coin telegraph news, The United States based major Crypto wallet and exchange service provider Coinbase has launched an initiative of an educational project called as Coinbase Earn that enables users to earn and educate themselves about various Cryptocurrency simultaneously. This initiative has the mission to create an open financial system.

The program was launched in invite-only mode on the 10th day of 12 days of Coinbase series. It will focus presently only on 0x Protocol (ZRX) that is a trading protocol for creating decentralized exchanges. The users will be able to earn ZRK by taking short video lessons followed by quizzes. At present, there are only three beginner level short video lessons.

Users who are selected for the program will receive an invite by email and those who didn’t get any invite also have access to the Coinbase Earn educational content as it is for free. Users can sign up on the waitlist so that they get notified of the educational tasks when available.

This initiative was the result of a survey of Coinbase customers and non-customers as well.  The survey found that people don’t have any knowledge about the assets they purchase and also they have the strong desire to know about those Crypto assets but they didn’t know how to get access to that. This resulted in a huge barrier that prevented people from exploring new assets. This way, Coinbase earns provide a third alternative for earning Cryptocurrencies apart from mining and buying. Where mining and buying both require technical knowledge and high costs.

The funding for this initiative’s initial phase of the program comes from the 0x external development pool.