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Caroline Wozniacki to launch personalized Crypto token

Caroline Wozniacki to launch personalized Crypto token

October 22, 2018 6:29 am,

Caroline Wozniacki a 28-year-old, 2 ranked Danish professional tennis star is ready to launch its personalized Crypto token by entering into a partnership with Singaporean firm, Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX). The Launch will be apparently planned for the first quarter of 2019.

In April 2018, Wozniacki was named as an ambassador of Lympo, a Blockchain start-up which provides rewards for physical activity.

According to GCOX, these celebrity tokens give buyers exclusive merchandise and interactions with their favorite celebrities. The celebrities, in turn, will benefit by collecting proceeds from the token sales. These token would be used to buy merchandise or make donations to charities chosen by athletes. On the other hand GCOX secure funds through transaction fees.

Procedure to buy celebrity token-

To purchase the celebrity tokens, the buyer must first acquire GCOX’s own token called ACM (The ACCLAIM token).

ACCLAIM token-

ACCLAIM token is the base token for all celebrity tokens creation which is traded in the inbuilt DEX, with a total of 1 billion and a minimum unit of 0.00000001. The ACCLAIM token serves as a mean of exchange for the many different celebrity tokens corresponding to different celebrities.

About GCOX-

Global Crypto Offering Exchange is a Singapore based start-up that has built a Blockchain powered platform where celebrities can tokenize their popularity. These token are called as Celebrity tokens. These tokens can be utilized by supporters to pay for celebrity’s exclusive content. GCOX ultimately aims to be a global leader in popularity index and to be the platform of choice for fans to connect and engage with their idols and celebrities and bring business fundamentals to the world of Blockchain and create value for fans, celebrities and investors.

Other celebrities are also planning the same launch that is launching their own tokens. Some of those can be named as England soccer star Michael Owen and singer Jason Derulo.