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Cajutel internet rapido – ICO started

Cajutel internet rapido – ICO started

September 11, 2017 4:57 am,


Cajutel sarl is a Guinea-Bissau company under Swiss ownership. Its foremost owner also possesses DataCell ehf, which construct and functioned a crypto excavating data center and helped Wikileaks in credit card expenditures in 2010. Also, he started Icell ehf, a mobile worker in Iceland in 2007 and functioned Emax a pastoral area wireless internet access network using 4G technology and Backbone ehf which functions an encrypted backbone system in multiple continents and is placing fiber.

In this project, it is predicted to build up a nationwide access network for Guinea-Bissau and with an upcoming development to bordering countries to permit the huge public to be capable to access the internet. Clients who have not ever had access to the internet before ever. This is an attractive unique situation to touch such a virgin market and gives the chance to take the market entirely. The idea is to build the most cost operative broadband access network and to afford state of the art infrastructures for its customers and therefore generate a big improvement to the education and economy.

CAJUTEL will be the firmest internet provider in the area for the public, outdoing the current operators offering by a factor of 10x to 100x with an at least 30% economical price. This allows internet technologies not present in West Africa only due to an absence of bandwidth and too great prices. It makes it cheap for the general public to get access to the internet. That is the reason, only less than 2% have access now. So there’s 98% obtainable to be grasped.


Cajutel has a well thought over marketing strategies to address the requirements of the local market. The chief differentiators to the other operatives are speed, accessibility and service excellence. Assumed there are presently only very weak low level companies in the market, early field companies backed up with over 25 years of knowledge. This stretches CAJUTEL a very good lever to address the local market rapidly. The marketing message will be heard loud and clear and individuals will know in a split second and take the market by tempest. The request is there, the players are nearly nonexistent. It in advance market share by obtaining new clients in a market which just have in progress to feel the need for the service.

SWOT Exploration


  • Robust technical experience between the shareholders
  • Fresh staff, therefore capable to construct a highly inspired culture.
  • Advanced technical solution to cellular infrastructure.
  • Market wanting a new Network to growth coverage.
  • Small fixed costs.
  • No legacy prices.
  • Comparable first mover benefit due to extensively untapped market
  • Numerous of the systems are turnkey solutions with a fast time-to-market
  • Well interacted with suppliers, constructing partners, administration


  • Board of managers live in different continents.
  • Essential to fill key positions in the short build-up timeframe
  • Low GDP in country


  • Entrance to International customers
  • Players in Guinea Bissau are mainly thinking voice only
  • Intensely underserved market / totally new market




CAJUTEL charges a standard payment fee of approx. USD 50US$ per month, and will be Pull down in steps down to 9$ per month. This enables the customer to limitless use of the CAJUTEL network. In addition to that additional fees are charged for phone calls over that network and alike.