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Cajutel – the company to introduce high-speed internet in West Africa.

Cajutel – the company to introduce high-speed internet in West Africa.

August 23, 2017 5:57 am,

CAJUTEL – Using the internet is a day to day hobby. We use it for our everyday work or just random browsing. The world as a whole has internet service but if we look into the segments and different countries and regions, we find that not everyone has full and proper access to the internet. Taking up West Africa, the internet is very slow, expensive and unreliable. There are precisely only two mobile operators, neither of which provides 3G or 4G data transmission, and as a courtesy and legal requirement, they provide minimal internet usage. This is where Cajutels steps in. It aims at building an infrastructure to bring reliable high-speed broadband Internet to West Africa at affordable prices. Imagine all the push to education and business it will bring.

With a start in Guinea- Bissau, a country that ranks to the bottom in the world rankings of literacy, GDP per capita and Human Development Index, Cajutel claims that the Internet can change it. Cajutel has chosen cryptocurrencies as a modern way to raise its needed investments for the project it has proposed. Despite knowing that Guinea-Bissau has limited potential buyers, Cajutel is not stopping or falling back from its project. It plans to continue by keeping the operating costs down to the minimum whilst grabbing as many new customers as possible during the time when people first start using the internet because that is where the consumer can actually be convinced.

Cajutel proposes better speed, availability, and service. It has well-qualified backhand helpers with over 25 years of experience. It is gaining market share by acquiring new customers in a market which has just started to feel the need for the service, i.e. the internet. It will provide the basic and utmost source of information to the people of the country. As we know that now, each and everything is most reliable on the internet including basic education, Cajutel will bring that forward.

Cajutel looks forward to raising the fund through cryptocurrency. The ICO for Cajutel Token Sale starts from 1st August 2017 ending a month after, i.e. 18th September 2017. It looks forward to an investment of $30M to cover Guinea-Bissau or just $12M for the slower plan. It will bring a drastic improvement in the market.