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BYT Technologies Launches Shariah-Compliant Token ICO behind “Good for Goodness” Vision

BYT Technologies Launches Shariah-Compliant Token ICO behind “Good for Goodness” Vision

June 30, 2018 6:34 am,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 22, 2018: BYT Technologies will officially launch its ICO to the public starting from 27th June 2018 with an offer price of USD 0.80 per BYT token, whereas the pre-ICO’s offer price is at USD 0.70 per BYT will end on 26th June 2018.

According to the company’s spokesperson and ambassador, Mr. Vince Focarelli “Each Bayan Token is backed by private cloud server access as well as several high return projects, including an Artificial Intelligence Equity Trader (AiET), expansion of 1000 halal marketplaces which includes a robust online platform and production of a bad Cholesterol-Reducing health supplement based on vigorous lab research by prominent university professors.

“Additionally, all projects have been field-tested and currently running at a small scale and the ICO proceeds will go towards expansion of these projects, hence it is important to state, these projects are not at an ideation stage as per many of other ICOs, this would mean, lesser risk to token purchasers and investors. Furthermore, one of the projects is expected to yield return within 6 months from the date of ICO. Token holder may enjoy the benefits such as special discount purchase of valuable goods or other cryptocurrencies, token buy-back offer with premium price, random gifts giving and many more.”

“Bayan Token differs from other coins in that it is backed by a real tangible asset that has value and redeemable at any countries by using a sophisticated smart contract technology, not just reliant on the future value of the crypto token and uncertain technological innovation, project, and prototypes. Token holders can either use Bayan Token to redeem their server access or Bayan Token as a payment method with our registered merchants or hold it for trade for a profit.”

BYT Technologies is a technology company that aims to leverage the blockchain technology and enhances its usage and applications to the benefit of its members and the wider population. The long-awaited ICO to buy Bayan Token will open the doors to interested parties to join the community in a profitable undertaking.

“I am extremely happy with our performance during the pre-sales session. Even with the current volatile [cryptocurrency] market and its continued divisiness, there was an encouraging and significant number of investors participating in our pre-sales,” says Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BYT Technologies Pte Ltd, Mr Adam Effendi Mustapha “Many have come up and stated that they are confident with our projects, even from very experienced bankers and MD of a biggest Securities Company in a country in Asia, where they invested for themselves and the entire family. So, I hope we don’t let them down and we are targeting to reach purchase of USD 10 million as minimum and USD 35 million for our hard cap. I am also excited to launch our ICO soon. We thank those who have supported us.”

BYT Technologies aims to create a sustainable ecosystem for their members and supporters so that they can benefit from the use of Bayan Token. Bayan Token, as well as the projects BYT Technologies is undertaking, have been approved and certified as Shariah-compliant by Elzar Shariah Solutions and Advisory. “You can rest assured that the structure is completely Shariah-Compliant and may even be considered as better than the Tawarruq concept which underlies many Sukuk issuances and most of the Islamic Financial Institutions’ products.” Says Sheikh Dr. Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman, Managing Director of Elzar Shariah.

He also added “this is the real chance for the cryptocurrencies believers and investors to participate in an ICO to purchase crypto-token with almost no risk of losing money, and that is due to the fact that each and every usufruct of Bayan Token has been guaranteed, redeemable via the highest mean of an audited smart contract, regardless market value of the token, be it at low or high in value.”

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