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Brixby, ease in transportation accessed.

Brixby, ease in transportation accessed.

December 1, 2017 7:00 am,

Transportation is an essential necessity and is continuously increasing in demand due to the growing population and number of cities. Brixby is that US $74+ billion market which is all set to cater to this problem with enhanced innovation and transparency.

Brixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent a vehicle, park the same, and charge their electric cars (EV) and connects them to the respective asset owners who are ready to offer those services, all in one easy-to-use Brixby app.

Brixby benefits the two of their core groups: consumers and businesses each by taking care of the entire driver’s journey, making it faster and more convenient and providing a marketplace suitable for a service provider of any size.

Anybody owning a vehicle, a parking space, a bus service can list them on the app and start earning money from those who want to rent those.

Two main users of the platform are the micro businesses and SMEs who are indulged in the transportation businesses.

Some of the key features of the platform include:

  • Easy to use app-One app can do parking, charging, car sharing, ticket sales, etc all in one with great UX.
  • Connecting micro business– There are ways to approach private sectors through franchisees.
  • Managing transportation services and payments-Management systems and instant payment made possible with safety due to the blockchain.
  • Global platform– Brixby allows you to use local infrastructure in any place of the world with one app.
  • Full transparency– It is blockchain based and has full control of all your transactions.
  • Localization and customization-Sellers or third party can use the platform’s API to create their own applications for their assets or services.

There are five main layers of the architecture of the platform:

  • Core microservices
  • Business services
  • User/Applications interfaces
  • Third party interfaces
  • Smart contracts


  • All of these help Brixby lower the hosting costs, and thus, in turn, reduces the costs for the platform users.

The token details as follows:

The tokens are issued to raise funds for rapid product development, which will allow the platform to gain market advantage and to advertise to micro businesses and SMEs globally, with special attention to highly urbanized developing markets.

Token symbol: BRICKs

Total supply: 158 523 442 tokens

Pre ICO supply: 4000000 tokens

ICO supply: 154 523 442 tokens

Pre ICO discount: 40%

Pre ICO token exchange rate: 1 BRICK = 0.000550 ETH

Pre ICO minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH

Platform: Ethereum

ICO Currency accepted: ETH, BTC, and LTC

ICO token exchange rate: 1 BRICK = 0.000917 ETH



Distribution of proceeds generated will be bifurcated as:

  • 51%-Development and support
  • 10%- Marketing
  • 20%- Hosting
  • 19%-Management and administration

Brixby can solve some of the transportation issues in high-density urban environments by providing easy-to-use, decentralized and fully transparent tools for businesses to organize and manage their resources.

Integrating any number of services into useful products.