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Bounty Hunter, for companies engaged into ICOs.

Bounty Hunter, for companies engaged into ICOs.

December 5, 2017 8:35 am,

In the modern era, a lot of businesses need marketing and promotion of their varied projects and for that, they are ready to reward people, who help them add posts to social networks and forums, develop designs, make video presentations, invite new people, research projects and engage audiences to their businesses. Bounty Hunter is the one who accomplishes the defined tasks for getting profits. These tasks are different and depend on personal skills.

What does Bounty Hunter mean?

It is an internet- based platform which integrates the performers (bounty hunters) and companies conducting ICOs to simplify the whole communication process.

How does the platform work?

  • Applying for a Bounty campaign on the Bounty Hunter platform
  • Consideration of applications by the team and experts
  • Payment for the placement with BHT tokens
  • Voting by all platform participants and final selection
  • Preparing and placement of the project
  • 21203 Bounty hunters advertise and earn project tokens conducting a Bounty campaign
  • Completion of the Bounty campaign
  • Administrators of the posted project check reports and charge their tokens in the performer’s accounts
  • Payment of the placed project tokens to performers
  • Final report of the project

Token details as under:

Token name: BHT

Blockchain platform: Ethereum

Token standard: ERC20

Regulations: In compliance with Smart contract

Token exchange rate: 1$ for BHT

Minimal limit for token buying: 10

Maximal limit for token buying: Restricted

Total supply: BHT 30000000

Payment via: ETH

Pre ICO dates: 06.11.2017 to 03.12.2017

ICO dates:  04.12.2017 to 28.12.2017




The platform provides the following for Bounty Hunters:

  • An opportunity to receive cryptocurrencies like a Bitcoin, Ethereum and, tokens of different companies, without investing.
  • You have to perform a simple and a particular task mentioned on the platform.
  • For each task you perform, you receive a certain reward.

For the organizers, the platform has the following:

  • In order to increase the number of performers, the mechanism of referral partner program was adopted.
  • A person who has organizational skills, and knows of people with a lot of friends in social networks, designers, copywriters and other people ready to work, the said person can give them an opportunity to earn, and get paid for it.
  • For each task performed by the performer, the referral network pays an amount equal to the amount of the bounty hunter’s fee to the introducer person and is distributed among higher referrals.

The platform provides the companies conducting ICOs with:

  • Entrepreneurs are most benefitted under this platform since after the project is placed they get access to a huge database of performers who are ready to start working and spread information about the company, promote it and create a more digital presence of the company all over the internet.

So there are certain skills required to undertake any project or task and anyone and everyone associated receive profit in some way. Some of the tasks and rewards exhibited on the platform are:

  • Posting project information on social networks
  • Posting project information on channels in Messengers
  • Placing project information in Mass Media
  • Place a project in ICO lists
  • Placing banners on websites and forums
  • Organize and conduct webinars
  • Organize and conduct an off-line presentation
  • Graphic design
  • Creating videos (presentation, overview)
  • Writing articles on blogs and social networks
  • Live broadcast on social networks
  • Developing video reviews and presentations
  • Publication support with comments on social networks and other sites


Advertisers provider via Internet