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BotBird: Protection against lending

BotBird: Protection against lending

April 25, 2018 8:30 am,

BotBird (BotB) is the world’s first escrow lending platform which provides with 100% protection. It facilitates investment in different ways which is 100% risk free and offers 10% monthly interest and enables investors to withdraw at any point in time.

BotBird protects the investors by using the 3rd party that holds the same amount that escrow lending participators invest in a ending program. This gives 100% assurance that the investors get investment back after each escrow lending round.

This platform provides with the P2P Social exchange that facilitates an exchange of any Cryptocurrency with millions of crypto owners worldwide. Secondly, P2P lending Marketplace, which means BotBird, enables investors to use the BotB token as collateral to get cash without losing the BotB token. Lending investors can invest and earn up to 30% interest per month.

BotB Token is a Cryptocurrency token created by BotBird based on Ethereum standard and smart contract code. It is secured by Ethereum blockchain.

This unique platform assists investors in their investment, giving them protection against their investment and providing them with the guaranteed return.

Benefits of BotBird are:-

  • Different from other lending platforms– The aim of this platform is for a sustainable average 10% monthly interest rate.
  • Lending investment is 100% protected– BotBird protects lenders by using a trusted third party that holds the equivalent amount that lenders invest in escrow lending program.
  • The realistic interest of 10%– Aim is to provide sustainable 10% interest every 30 days. Lending is not locked. The investor can withdraw at any moment.
  • Check the third party before you join escrow lending program– The investor can check which third party is used to protect their investment before joining escrow lending program.

Payout every 30 days 10%– Every 30 days 10% is spent to the BotBird wallet. Moreover,initial investment of investor moves automatically to next 30 days unless it is withdrawn.