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BLOCKPIX: A B2C Solution

BLOCKPIX: A B2C Solution

April 17, 2018 5:34 am,

BLOCKPIX is an Ethereum based system of blockchain that is set to revolutionize e-commerce in a creative and entertainment industry. With the full support of next-generation thinkers and business developers, the team is dedicated to creating the best B2C experience and conversion in a creative and entertainment industry.

We see a massive amount of media and art and all forms of visual description. Behind all this creative work there is an artist. But these artists are not paid properly for their work and they have to deal with their creations being stolen by unscrupulous websites and advertising agencies.

So there comes the BLOCKPIX with the goal of making things easier for both creators who have their creation to offer or sell and one who would like to purchase that creation by creating decentralized marketplace capable of upholding these transactions and ensuring clear communication between parties through smart contracts. This will help track the original content and the owner will be paid accordingly for their job on behalf of the entire BLOCKPIX limited coin team.

The framework is designed in such a way, through which artists can offer their works specifically to customers using the BLOCKPIX coin (BPX) which they can trade for fiat or offer in the crypto securities exchange to different clients willing to purchase different items on the platform. All settlements are made with the BLOCKPIX digital money.

BLOCKPIX ICO launch was started in March 2018 and will end in April 2018 with 80% of the total BPX token made available to the public. There is a release of 250.000.000 BPX tokens to the market.

Following are the benefits of BLOCKPIX blockchain technology.

  • Large bandwidth storage for creators.
  • Maximum conversion
  • Better value for creator’s creation.
  • Creators have control over pricing.
  • Creators have direct interaction with clients.