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Blockchain Startups theories!!

Blockchain Startups theories!!

October 5, 2018 7:22 am,

A year ago, the Blockchain was a word which would create interest in each and every person. But the magic faded over time. In August, funding from the initial coin offerings, which are used as an alternative to public offerings by companies in the cryptocurrency business, dropped to the lowest in 16 months.

The money’s gone!

Funding for cryptocurrency projects via ICO’s are on the decline. Not all the winners of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences agree on the benefits of cryptocurrencies. One laureate stated that “Bitcoin is evil.”

Ambitious Goal

Using the Ethereum network aims to create a marketplace for skills that will allow ad hoc teams to form around business projects. So, it’s seen that even though the funding has slowed down, a number of professionals who have jumped at this opportunity are large.

  • Raising capital: The digital market can now easily obtain investment from the pool of global investors present. With the valuation completely and immediately reflected in the market, the tough step is almost solved for all the companies at the beginning stage. This has led to the company’s growth at a high speed.
  • Transacting values: Crypto allows to transact easily between peers and at a very low cost. This method is very cheap and is an alternative to the traditional payment networks. This also very efficient and there is no need for the startups to even set up a bank to receive or distribute funds.
  • Investing in the future: This is an opportunity for a lifetime and provides a gateway to anyone to invest in a technology they believe in.
  • Joining the blockchain community: Allows everyone to interact with other entrepreneurs who are constantly investing, advising and building a blockchain.

Through a network’s of smart contracts that operate utilizing decentralized information on a ledger, blockchain is able to offer unmatched security and speed for data transfers. Let us see some which are utilizing this technology.

  1. Fr8: This network facilitates the digitization of record keeping related to the trade of assets.
  2. IOST: The internet of Services is a new cryptocurrency attempting to solve the scalability problems. A technological descendent of Ethereum to allow the purpose of serving infrastructure to create decentralized applications.
  3. ShipChain: A freight and logistics platform built on Blockchain to allow the end to end trace and track.
  4. Nano Vision: To empower global citizens to step up and lend their efforts for disease prevention research and development.