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Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Takes Electricity Sharing to Silicon Valley

Blockchain Startup Power Ledger Takes Electricity Sharing to Silicon Valley

June 21, 2018 5:27 am,

Perth startup Power Ledger has been revolutionary blockchain based peer to peer renewable energy schemes in nations around the world. Currently, the company has publicized its first carbon credit scheme as it partners with Silicon Valley Power in Santa Clara, California and the Clean Energy Block Chain System to make a digital greatest of Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) dealings. With its goal being to decrease both the handling time and price of LCFS praises.

The plan has two main areas, using Power Ledger’s cutting advantage blockchain technology which paths energy production, packing, and use in a transparent, auditable record. To be used in order to achieve the ingesting of low-carbon energy from Santa Clara solar and series at one of California’s major public electric vehicle indicting services. Although also cutting the time and price of handling LCFS credits by digitizing the organization system that paths low-carbon electricity as a fuel path.

The stage goals to cut out the requirement for added software, hardware or causes to join the city-owned PV and SVP electric power grid by applying API data from pre-existing meters.

Managing Projects World Wide

The scheme is one of a host of Power Ledger energy following judgments taking place in the US and around the world but it is the startup’s major raid into trade with carbon credits.

Earlier Power Ledger projects have comprised a company with Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO), Japan’s second-largest power value, to trial P2P renewable energy distribution in the island state. The goal of the experimental is to let electricity making customers monetize on their investment of renewable energy while providing their public with cheaper energy via the blockchain based peer to peer platform.

Beside with other projects in Southeast Asia and New Zealand, Power Ledger is presently showing many micro-grid projects in its home country of Australia. The businesses POWR coin is presently trading at $0.25 according to, down from a high of $0.60 at the end of April.