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September 6, 2018 12:16 pm, is the France’s new crypto exchange platform for Europe. This Cryptocurrency exchange wants to help France position itself as one of the leading Blockchain hubs in Europe. is backed by a proven Bitcoin exchange with security and technological record. It brings compliant, secure, reliable ecosystem to crypto investors. It also ensures the assets remain safe on this platform.

This is the initiative taken by French government in Blockchain revolution. As a result, France has now changed its views on Blockchain and crypto assets.

France lowered the taxes on Bitcoin from 45 per cent to 19 per cent, following a new classification of Bitcoin as “movable property” by the Council of State.

Following are the benefits of

  • io offers world class crypto assets trading tools for traders and investors. The platform provides highly secure crypto assets storage. will store user’s funds securely using both online and offline solutions, with hot and cold wallet capabilities.
  • io will allow users to vote on ICO projects in order to build an active community of enthusiastic crypto investors. This will enable votes on the platform which will give trust and transparency over projects for investors.
  • To support new ICOs, the French start-up will offer tailored marketing programs for token launches. The comprehensive ICO service will incorporate planning and execution of ICO campaigns.
  • It will also provide advisory and technology services to help blue chip companies launch their ICOs along with new token listings and market making services.
  • io will only offer the best crypto-assets and ICO tokens and will be integrated with which will act as a Fiat.