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Bittrex launches trading platform for international customers

Bittrex launches trading platform for international customers

October 31, 2018 5:53 am,

Malta has increasingly ascended to be a global hub for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. The most famous and renowned Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has launched a new digital trading platform. This platform was previously called as Bittrex Malta. This platform is basically designed for international customers that will help them in providing more token trading options and feature a streamlined process of approving tokens.

As Bittrex international is an efficient token listing process combined with reliable and advanced trading platform technology, it will help bring most innovative projects related to the Blockchain for international partners and customers. It is not available for US citizens. Users of this exchange will have access to tokens which are not available on the original Bittrex.

This new digital trading platform includes the following features:-

  • Token approval process will be cut from months to weeks.
  • Those on a token team will have access to Bittrex’s global network of exchange partners who will list new and current tokens on Bittrex.
  • Bittrex international will also apply to Malta’s Financial Service Authority to become regulated Virtual Financial Asset exchange. It will also use the same KYC and AML review process as other Bittrex services.
  • The exchange will run under the legal framework defined by the European Union and the VFA act.
  • There will be a token listing fee involved in Bittrex international since token team invests their time and money in technology and business development.

This platform aims to increase the adoption level of Blockchain around the world.

About Bittrex:-

It was founded in 2014 by three Cybersecurity engineers. It is the premier U.S based digital asset trading platform which provides fast trading execution, digital wallets, and industry-leading security practices.