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Bitjob: Decentralized Marketplace for Student Employment

Bitjob: Decentralized Marketplace for Student Employment

October 10, 2017 7:27 am,


BitJob is a motivated and communal development, based on Blockchain technology. Intended at transforming the way students construct a living and increase work-related knowledge as still studying. It will provide students the chance to receive instant payment for their capability from specialized employers and to sharpen their talent at the same time moving their active resume, anytime & anyplace. Students face two key troubles: they are diminutive on cash through their educational period & they are short of occupational knowledge once they graduate. It will allow students to discontinue postponing and change their free time to quick and steady profits, at the same time enriching their range and online resume. BitJob joins the profits of micro-gigs and freelancers bidding sites with Blockchain technology, to turn out to be the first Hybrid blockchain plan to let employers and students P2P teamwork.

It is a Semi – Decentralized platform, by both centralized expense techniques and decentralized digital cryptocurrency, developed on ethereum smart agreements. BitJob has been planned by experts. Its stamina of a decentralized ledger and numerous safety levels assurance simplicity and honesty at all phases of bitJob marketplace dealings, among students, freelancers, & employers. members will have status allocated to them, to facilitate them to access payment suitable to their ability stage. The improved the individual’s status, based on preceding bitJobs, the superior the price they will be able to command for an hour’s work. BitJob is exclusive because of its tremendous team, backers, and partners. Have signed a number of build agreements with employers and student unions. Every care is taken to offer motivation to the students to add to their reputation and preserve it at the highest level.

BitJob will organize blockchain technology in the global student community. Blockchain technology has the perspective to interrupt & conquer all limits, but we all recognize that smart learning of customers is essential, in order for this to occur. Encouraging the education desired to put into practice decentralization and freedom of option begins nowadays, through the subsequent generation of the employment market.

The core thought of BitJob essentially came out several years before. In early times as a student, all were enjoying the lawns of the faculty conference and desired some fast money. After graduated and dove into the employment market, faced with a most agonizing difficulty, one that does not receive the suitable reply: students finish their degrees and start their professions with zero experience, after spending their time in jobs that do not supply to their professional resumes.

The answer is to join students with employers for short-term jobs- online, so they can then to persist to dedicate themselves in their applicable line of work and as well make an honest living all the way through their academic period, as entrepreneurs who desire to manipulate the world, serving students and encouraging blockchain technology.

Bitjob is an outstanding grouping of trustworthy and skilled founders, marketing directors, dedicated programmers, and crypto stars have grouped to generate this stimulating social development.