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BitCar – the world’s first super car blockchain

BitCar – the world’s first super car blockchain

March 26, 2018 6:37 am,

Driving normal cars is alright but what about those exotic luxurious supercars?! One may have thought of just looking at them at the Auto Expos or when you visit Dubai, but having ownership of these rare and exotic mega supercars is just a dream. Exotic cars have been one of the world’s best-performing asset classes over the last 10 years outperforming property and hard gold. This led to the development of an innovative blockchain technology called BitCar. It gives access to a platform where exotic cars can be owned and traded in small fractions. It opens direct ownership of the cars to the public. On this platform, verified agents will be sourcing and be storing the exotic cars and after a term of 5 years to 15 years, there will be sold with the returns being passed back to the asset token owner.

BitCar will allow the platform users to conduct a peer to peer trade for the cars. As it is impossible for a single token owner to acquire full ownership of the exotic car, all the token owners of the single car will democratically vote on matters relating to their ownership, displays etc. These asset tokens are linked to the exotic and exist to their own Ethereum smart contracts. The increase in exotic luxury/ hypercars market is complementary to the recent normal effects of the high-end classic car market. This shows how much the international automobile industry has evolved over the years with improvising their economic conditions and developing infrastructure.

One may state the understanding that automobiles are not mere transportation but they are rather seen as a mode of status. BitCar believes that exotic cars will serve the public in a great manner when exhibited in collections. This was the public would be able to graciously enjoy them. 75,000 BitCar tokens will be used in the pre-sale and 175,000,000 BitCar tokens for the final Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale. The token supply would be of $0.10 USD = 1 BitCar Token. The ICO sale started on the 31st January 2018 and will end on 20th April 2018, unless sold out earlier.