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Beluga Pay – The future of mobile payments.

Beluga Pay – The future of mobile payments.

October 24, 2017 6:42 am,

Beluga Pay

Beluga Pay considers merchant lives are made easier with easy to use, the protected mobile point of sales systems that receive as many payment options as possible.

It forms the mobile point of sale systems to admit credit and debit cards, cryptocurrency and cash.

Beluga Pay native token (BBI) affords faster merchant deposits, access to the association for vigorous analytics and loyalty rewards.

Beluga pay has been termed after the well-known Beluga whale which is deliberated to be tremendously smart and social animals. The product and services which are approaching from the teams of the company are completely in line with the qualities and performance of the whale. This is a business which is merged in Canada. The company has processes in a few countries like Mexico, Canada, India, United Kingdom and Latvia. But, most of the inventors and technicians work from their office at Guadalajara, Mexico.

Beluga pay products

Beluga task is to make life calmer for dealers and their clients worldwide. They consider that it is likely to have one solution to achieve payment for the client, personal life, and commercial. Some of the Beluga products comprise:

Beluga pay opinion of Sale

The Beluga point of sale is a vigorous mobile app that can be used to receive credit, debit, and crypto from slight trades. The app can similarly be used to achieve customers and produce with actionable analytics.

Beluga restaurant Version

The restaurant addition is a tablet app that benefits manage servers, table, orders and food menu. The app can be rationalized to print out incoming orders for the kitchen. Can manage and produce restaurant using this app.

Beluga Peer 2 peer

This is informal to use a mobile app. The P2P apps recruit allocates with friends and connections. Can direct money by debit, credit, and crypto and credit the next day incomes to a bank account.

Beluga payment statistics

The payment data assistance merchants to obtain data with BBI token and see anonymized spending patterns from additional ideal customers.

Beluga Bank Funding

Beluga likes a Business with the major internal bank in Mexico since 2015. With the bank total asset go beyond over $70 billion in possessions.

Beluga policy is to mark emerging countries where the mainstream has access to smartphones though most of the populations still continue unbanked.

The BBI token is the efficacy token of the Beluga policy. The token can be used to purchase devotion rewards, association, GAS and receiving about 0.5% of all business fees. The token will be obtainable on main exchanges starting February 2018. It is the instinctive token on the policy.