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Belotto: Lottery made Easy.

Belotto: Lottery made Easy.

May 22, 2018 9:04 am,

Belotto is the first decentralized platform which ensures 100% transparency in lottery business and eliminates deductions, taxes and the middlemen who may manipulate players indulged in this business. In this everything is managed automatically using the smart contracts. It makes the lottery publicly available for anyone to review. Each drawing will be self-regulated and transparently held independently of other lotteries.

Belotto is available online and the players can play anywhere and anytime. It offers different possibilities for lotteries in bitcoin, ether and express lotteries.

In traditional online and offline lottery business, there are issues of inconsistencies, lack of reliability, overpriced fees etc. that cause uncertainty and doubt among players of a lottery and excessive deductions. Belotto is the solution for this entire problem.

Belotto uses BEL tokens for the transaction purposes. As more players buy this token the value increases.

Following are the features of Belotto:-

  • Transparency- As there are no middlemen, Belotto ensures direct transfer of funds in the person’s wallet.
  • Zero commission over jackpot –Belotto is self-regulated. Its structure enables transactions that cannot be altered, manipulated, modified, eliminated or duplicated. Hence, Belotto won’t ever apply discounts, commissions or taxes to prizes and winners get them transferred in full.
  • Available worldwide- There exist no location barrier. The platform is available in two main languages that are English and Spanish.
  • Payment option for the modern world- As people nowadays are trying different modes of payments. Belotto ensures fully secure and transparent transactions.
  • Incorruptible Transactions- The information is available publicly anyone can see the performance of Belotto anytime. There is no involvement of the third party such as government.
  • Three independent possibilities- Belotto Bitcoin Lottery, Belotto Ether Lottery and, Belotto Express.
  • Various access channels- Belotto offers various access channels from Smartphone or tablets through Belotto Web and Belotto Mobile.
  • Security- Transactions will always be anonymous to protect the player’s integrity.

As the market share of lottery business is increasing in different countries there lies more scope of people involving in this business and earning the profit. With the help of Belotto a decentralized blockchain based platform, players are left free mind as they don’t have to worry about any political interference or manipulation. Neither there lies the possibility of less prize money as there is no deduction of taxes.