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BeEasy: Earning and Managing Cryptocurrency made easy.

BeEasy: Earning and Managing Cryptocurrency made easy.

May 2, 2018 5:31 am,

BeEasy is a platform which provides easy access to the process of Cryptocurrency and also provides all in one interface solution with only one login user authorization to the Cryptocurrency users. It provides all Cryptocurrency services in a single window.

Nowadays governments, banks, and corporations are implementing blockchain pilot projects. But the blockchain based Cryptocurrency is not user-friendly and can only be used and handled by professionals. BeEasy facilitates users to earn money through a single window system. It is also a full-fledged ecosystem for vendors, offline stores, game studios, and charity organizations that use the product in their marketing and to reach users with the API system integration. Basically, the mission of this project is to encourage the development of the decentralized economy of blockchain networks and Cryptocurrency by bringing new as well as old users together.

To engage new users of Cryptocurrency with convenient interfaces for all Cryptocurrency services and market, BeEasy is addressing these tasks: –

  • By developing user apps and interfaces (all-in-one authorization, BeEasy personal account, mining clients, monitoring clients, telegram bots, among others).
  • By developing service systems (multicurrency pool, conversion getaways, liquidity management system, Cryptocurrency conversional system).
  • By building infrastructure (data center with its own mining equipment).

BeEasy facilitates with following a line of products.-

  • Easy pool professional solution – Its core features are client software, client web interface, iOS and Android apps etc.
  • Easy trade professional solution – Cryptocurrency exchange supporting trader software integration (MetaTrader, TickTrader) and providing an interface for brokers and traders.
  • BeEasy multifunction service- It provides the all-in-one user authorization system that allows to navigate and manage all user information for BeEasy services that is mining, liquidity management system, Cryptocurrency conversional system, charity, gaining partner goods and services, and converting to fiat etc.
  • Other services are- Easy Fund, Easy Play, Easy care, Easy data.

The platform uses token called EasyToken (ETKN).