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Baner gives an opportunity to anyone to buy/sell their products!

Baner gives an opportunity to anyone to buy/sell their products!

September 1, 2017 5:42 am,

Becoming an entrepreneur or selling or doing your own business is what runs this generation. Everyone wants to earn a good handful of money but how? How does anyone start their business? The Baner Project is a mixture of social networks, professional community, trading platform and all this in a blanket of blockchain technology. Baner gives the privilege to anyone to start their own business, sell goods and services or even recruit employees without many any investments. This will improve the economic profitability and performance of the company. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, the data of users are gathered taking into account their desires, problems, behavior and other factors. These data are then sold to huge companies to identify trends and make the sales forecast. Baner enables new products for the market according to the information provided.

Over the period of time, everything has been started running on the internet. The internet has become an advertising capital. Baner has started using the decentralized blockchain platform as it allows the users to be invulnerable to 99.9% of information attacks. On Baner, anyone can start their own business offer goods and services. It allows minimizing the advertising costs, recruitment and personal meetings with the counterparties and instead allows us to optimize the cost of the existing companies.

With the advancement of technology, cryptocurrency has made its way into every industry possible. Same goes with Baner, the Baner Token grants the right to receive a share from the company’s profit. At the end of each quarter, which is ever three months, 20% of the company’s profit will be shared among the holders of the token according to the investment made by them. Baner has issued 20 million tokens and the value of one token is 10 USD.

The Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) will be held in 3 stages with a period of 25 days each. The first stage would be from the 6th September 2017 to the 30th September 2017 where 30% of the tokens would be sold at a price of 10 USD. Then the second stage would start from 1st November to 25TH November 2017, and 35% of the tokens would be sold at an increased price of 15 USD for 1 token. The final stage would be from 1st June 2018 to 25th June 2018, where again 35% tokens would be sold as well as the previously unsold tokens at the price of 20 USD for  1 Baner Token. Most of the collected funds would be used to promote the project around the world by advertising and parts would be used for maintenance.