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BABB, moulding humans into banks.

BABB, moulding humans into banks.

November 24, 2017 6:23 am,

Worldwide, there are approximately 2 billion people who are deprived of banking facilities, especially in developing countries like India. Some having access to banks have miserably failed expectations in this field. The reasons may be due to the incumbent banking system. This gave BABB the opportunity to build something new-a decentralized banking network which will empower everyone and help confine the world in a single room.

BABB performs the function of providing access to any man, business and community in the world to a UK bank account for peer-to-peer financial services.

BABB aims to provide equal empowerment to everybody in this micro-economy by creating a global financial network and eliminating the need for a bank.

The banking platform is a decentralized platform that leverages and works with three main technologies: blockchain, AI, and biometrics.

Some key features of this bank are:

  • Global connectivity– one can send and receive money anywhere in the world using cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, directly without any middlemen.
  • The Black card– It is noted as a world’s first revolutionary decentralized payment card linked directly to the BABB bank account. The card can be used to spend the stored money online or in any country.
  • Social KYC– One can get anybody verified and he/she can be given access to the UK account just by the clicks on the smartphones.
  • BABB app– The bank’s mobile application has one of the finest and easiest procedures for you to register yourself from anywhere in the world and however much of money you own.

Now how does BABB work?

Once you have entered the BABB ecosystem, you become your own bank.

As a bank, anybody can own power which a bank does. After being validated member on the bank’s platform:  You have the ability to empower others; you can open bank accounts for anyone you trust; you can help create fully banked communities; you can verify accounts for the people you know; issue cards for those who need them; and lend money securely at fair rates.

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Let’s talk of the tokens:

It is a utility token that powers the banking system.

BAX tokens are used in:

  • For paying services, fees and licensing costs on the bank’s platform.
  • For onboarding and offboarding funds to third-party exchanges.
  • For fundraising.
  • For cross-currency conversion.

Token Symbol: BAX

BAX price: Not decided yet.

Hard cap: $50 million

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The open platform has a direct positive impact on the lives and livelihoods of individuals and businesses, also central banks and the token participants; creating them opportunities and ultimately empowering the micro-economy. Hence it’s more than just a banking platform, it’s a social movement.