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Avatara: A boon for middle-class travellers.

Avatara: A boon for middle-class travellers.

April 23, 2018 8:00 am,

Avatara is a person with a phone, camera and an internet connection. The person helps the customer move around the world, see culture, search for opportunity, buy branded items, visit exhibitions, make trade agreements etc without an issue of language and without actually visiting that place.

There are very few people in the world who earn a decent amount of money so that they can afford to travel. Most people are middle class. They can’t afford to travel and bear all the expenses; secondly, people don’t have much time in this fast moving world that they can spare. Thirdly not knowing the language and culture of a foreign country is another problem.

Overall there lies the number of problems which prevent a person from traveling much due to which they are deprived of many opportunities.

For all these issues there is Avatara services, the idea of which appeared in 2011 which assist a person to travel the world without actually doing it. It makes you travel virtually.

Nowadays people are so high-tech & technology freak that the maximum number of people have access to the internet on their mobile phone, tabs or a personal computer. These gadgets help seek Avatara services.

Working of Avatara:-

It is a person who has a phone with a camera or video glasses with a camera and the internet and Skype connection. It connects with you via Skype and broadcasts video and audio in stereo or mono format. An interpreter is there if there is any language problem. This interaction between customer, translator, and Avatara is through blockchain technology. You can choose your Avatara according to your affordability or appropriate internet equipment.

For availing Avatara services a person needs to purchase Avataracoin token. A value released by the company in blockchain system.

The person can look for an Avatara in stores which has an Avatara icon or on city map itself.

The benefits it offers to its customers are:-

  • Moving
  • Communicating in any language
  • Huge money saving

This company and service have high growth potential due to following reasons:-

  • Billions of people in the world are middle class.
  • People are going high-tech.
  • There is a huge opportunity for Fin-tech.
  • Students are ready to be an Avatara person.
  • Companies want to save money and attend conferences and exhibitions remotely via Avatara person.