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Atlas Cloud Makes to Take 1,000 Bitcoin Miners Online

Atlas Cloud Makes to Take 1,000 Bitcoin Miners Online

January 25, 2018 5:45 am,

Atlas Cloud Makes to Take 1,000 Bitcoin Miners Online

Atlas Cloud is one of the newest huge players to get on board with Bitcoin mining. The firm will set up this project at the Grant Country Data Center. This specific location will be converted into a full-fledged Bitcoin mining processes center. Until this change is complete, the company is functioning on a private co-located hosting procedure. This confirms the company wants to get happening with Bitcoin mining as soon as possible. Buying 1,000 Antminer S9 machines from Bitmain will be adequate to get the ball progressing in this concern.

As of at once, the 1,000 units have reached the co-hosting location. It is expected the first batch of hardware will initiate mining Bitcoin on or around February 1st. It will take a certain time for associating all machines appropriately, but the procedure should be finalized two weeks later. With this mining capability, Atlas Cloud will add 13.5 petahash to the Bitcoin network. This is not the largest number, but it will aid decentralize Bitcoin mining as a whole. More companies getting on board can only be deliberated to be a helpful and welcome alteration.

Atlas Cloud presumes to mine around 1.52 Bitcoin per day. At the present value, that would associate to over $15,500. Furthermore, it seems the company will emphasis on mining through Slush Pool. That is a great feather in the cap of Bitcoin’s oldest mining group to date. Depending on how much revenues the company gets, they will switch between BTC and BCH mining. It is evident mining cryptocurrencies is about so much more than just Bitcoin nowadays. Bitcoin Cash tends to become more cost-effective on an ordered basis.

Once the data center is organized, the miners will be progressed to the new location once possible. With an electricity cost of $0.03/kWh, it is a far more advantageous location. It is probably 80% of the 3 MW of available power will be applied from day one. This would mean Atlas Cloud can add alternative 500-700 units until the maximum capacity is reached. An additional 2.0 MW will be added in 2019. The firm has long-term strategies for cryptocurrency mining, which is an optimistic sign. Electric City, Washington seems to be an exciting hub for cryptocurrency mining processes.

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