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Altcoin Alerts, for cryptocurrency updates and news.

Altcoin Alerts, for cryptocurrency updates and news.

December 27, 2017 7:13 am,

Altcoin Alerts constantly updates us with a list of cryptocurrency and tokens projects and all related news and press releases. The platform aims to assist blockchain entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital for various phases of their ventures to reach the potential and interested cryptocurrency investors.

The platform is all about cryptocurrency news, updates, ongoing and future ICOs or tokens sales. It also tells you about ICO press releases and press release submissions. Also, it imparts awareness about the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, its alerts, and news. Everything about Ethereum ICOs and bounties can also be ascertained.

From the platform we have noted the following:

  • The various ongoing ICOs or token sale (as on 26th December 2017) are Jibrel Network, Banancoin, Cointed, Flux, Loomia, Yobank, Enjoy Life, Lendoit, Cyber Trust, Zabercoin, Gladius etc.
  • Some of the upcoming or to-be-listed ICOs are Credits, InsurePal, Thrive, Datawallet, Raison, Vaultbank, CEDEX, White Rabbit, Taklimakan, etc.
  • ICOs or tokens listed in the past or already listed are INS Ecosystem, Sinergia, Fund platform, Zeus, Oyster, Totum, Dreamteam, UnitLife, Publica, etc.

If you open any of the listed ICOs whether it is upcoming, ongoing or past; you will be taken to a page where all the information about the particular platform will be shown to you. For example- If you open the featured ICO named Jibrel Network, you can get access to what is it and what the platform primarily does; next you can learn about all ICO details, namely the token symbol, ICO start and end dates, price ratios, total tokens to be supplied, link to its whitepaper, etc. Along with that, you can check all the related news to the particular token. In another corner, there is a live twitter component where you can view and read all the tweets made by the verified Jibrel Network’s official account. Also, there are links provided to everything important relating to Jibrel Network, like its Facebook page, official website, etc.

  • Get yourself acquainted with all the latest Bitcoin news and alerts, learn about the various cryptocurrencies, and token sales.
  • Read Ethereum ICO news, along with press release submissions, new listing submissions details.
  • You can also submit your ICO for listing. This is subject to a certain amount. The platform offers for News and Press Releases Media Kit for ICO listing.
  • The platform also provides for Bounty ICO listing and process subject to certain fees.

Let’s look into some of the latest news and press releases forwarded by Altcoin Alerts:

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All in all, it makes us aware.