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Ahoolee – The only site that compare prices of Online products for you

Ahoolee – The only site that compare prices of Online products for you

August 24, 2017 5:41 am,

Kicking off your shoes, sitting back on your couch and browsing through various online stores to search for the product you want. But we do find various sites offering the same product in different prices and discounts. Going through these ‘n’ number of sites again and again would take up a lot of time. So, Ahoolee comes to the rescue where it compares prices of online stores worldwide using a decennt5rlized platform. It is a search engines specifically or e-commerce that operates on the principles of a search engine! It does the toughest job in a matter of seconds. Its stores all the data on all price changes in all online stores in the whole world in a decentralised manner using Aloohee Blockchain.

Aloohee uses cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange that enables users to purchase any item in all the stores that are represented on the platform. The Aloohee Tokens (AHT) are issues as an Ethereum fork. It can be purchased using digital wallet or ETH, USD, EUR or even RUR. Aloohee uses up-to date technology where the main task is to keep the prices updated. As a single product can be sold in different sites, the information collected about the product is processed by algorithms in order to consolidate the information sold by different sites in a single product card. Aloohee strives for giving an opportunity to any person to find ANY product online from ALL shops and compare their prices.

We know the basic demand-supply equation. It’s a simple equation that shows that the price of a product varies as its demand or supply changes. This happens to every product no matter what. So, Aloohee has a blockchain method which keeps track of all price changes. This will help the customers catch the stores if they have deliberately increased their price before making a discount. Another benefit is that, since this generation is all about keeping things in soft copy, Aloohee keeps stored all the information of our purchases made in ATH. This will save us the mess of keeping paper documents.

The Aloohee Initial Coin Offering (ICO) starts in 28TH August, 2017. With a total of 100 million ATH to be issued, 20 million will be kept by the Reserve Fund to apy miners and assessors and 10 million will be kept in the Aloohee Fund for the team so that it can hire new staff for its future development. Aloohee makes online shopping easier and is the one way answer to all our eShopping queries and problems.