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Agro Tech Farm, for farming at home.

Agro Tech Farm, for farming at home.

February 26, 2018 5:05 am,

Agro Tech Farm aims to achieve is raising funds for the mass production of indoor home farming appliances in North America.

Some of the features defining these farms are:

  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding, beautiful design
  • iOS and Android app
  • Chemical free, no pesticides
  • Fully automated vegetation process
  • Short-term vegetation cycle
  • 24-month manufacturer warranty
  • Climate control

They have two products lined up. They are:

  • ATF Home Grower “Strawberry”: This grower allows you to grow smaller vegetables and fruits such as salads, herbs or fruits like strawberries. You can grow up to three different kinds of plants at the same time in three different levels with each 4 growing pods.
  • ATF Home Grower “Cannabis”: This grower is a bit modified. It has no levels but instead can house 2 plants in two vegetation cells that can grow higher (up to 140 cm). This can house larger plants such as Cannabis, tomatoes or cucumbers.

Let us now look at the process involved in this farm:

Step 1: Invest Ethereum

Step 2: Establish production

Step 3: Sell/Distribute

Step 4: Token buyback from profits

Step 5: Token price rise

Why is there a scope of growth at Agro Tech Farm? Find your answers below:


  • It is constantly looking to raise funds for building production units in new markets like Canada and North America.
  • It combines the benefits of LED lighting for growing and hydroponic technologies. With this, ATF farms secure the automated growth of cannabis, salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and many more plants.
  • The product needs minimal customer involvement. The user’s main responsibilities are planting and harvesting, the rest is fully automated.
  • The cultivation cycles can be easily controlled and monitored through smartphones and tablets.
  • Due to a proper temperature regime and relative humidity, average yields are up to 30% higher than the similar crops grown typical outdoor farming.

Token details:

Token symbol: ATF

Token price: 1 ATF= 0,012 ETH

Pre-ICO is on-going (started 16th Feb. 2018)

Pre-ICO ends today (23rd Feb. 2018)

Hard cap during Pre- ICO 500 ETH

ICO start date: 24th Feb. 2018

ICO end date: 24th March 2018

Hard cap during ICO: 10 000 ETH

The ICO bonus ranges from 5-20%, dependent on the week of purchase.

The ICO smart contract is mintable.

Token amount: 1,431 000 ATF

Maximum token to be distributed through ICO: 1 060 000 ATF

Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in the Agro Tech Farm’s ICO:

  • Working products
  • Discount vouchers
  • Token buyback
  • Booming market

Find the farm’s business plan here:

And whitepaper here:

So, to conclude, Agro Tech Farm is based on real product, is a unique scientific research work, secured by two patents, an innovative blockchain product, and is completely transparent.

Become part of the company now. The token sale is on.