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Agro Tech Farm brings cultivation virtual

Agro Tech Farm brings cultivation virtual

March 21, 2018 5:28 am,

Cannabis has taken a huge step towards the legalization department and many states in the US are legalizing it while others are still looking at it under the microscope. Organic food is one of the most expensive food items to get hold of and many a time customers are looted on the pretext of buying it and it turns out to be fake. Legal cannabis production is still in its baby stage and the term organic cannabis is rarely used. A company called Agro Tech Farms has made an aim to initiate indoor home farming appliances to secure automated growth of tomatoes, cucumbers, cannabis and many more plants for North America. These appliances need minimal customer involvements and do not require any specific knowledge of gardening or technology.

The Agro Tech Farm Grower is a vertical farming product which is designed for an easy home cultivation of certain herbs, vegetables, and fruits. All the operations related to photosynthesis are pre-programmed and fully automated. A user can effortlessly monitor and control the cultivation with their smartphones or any such gadget making this whole procedure a real life game like experience. This device has a special feature of climate control and the growth is soil-free. The soil-free exposure eliminates the risk of pests and diseases. The average yield is up to 30% higher due to the efficiently programmed water supply, a proper lighting spectrum and the optimal use of nutrients.

Agro Tech Farm has taken into the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrencies because they see this as a power which would facilitate its launch of the production in Canada. Like every other company, Agro Tech Farm will have to launch the Initial Coin Offering. The Pre ICO starts on the 16th February 2018 and will last till 9th March 2018. The maximum number of tokens is limited to a hard cap of 500 ETH. The ICO will start on 10th March 2018, lasting for a month till 10th April 2018. The hard cap for the ICO is 10,000 ETH. The token name would be the initials of Agro Tech Farm (ATF), 1 ATF = 0.012 ETH.