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A crypto platform for recruitment – Aworker

A crypto platform for recruitment – Aworker

March 23, 2018 7:43 am,

The crux of living and enjoying is earning. You earn, you survive. Looking for a job or hiring good employees is the most difficult tasks because no one is ever too sure or even a bit satisfied. For employers, assessment of a candidate is the toughest task because the candidate may be an imposter of what he is displaying to you. It is not always possible to evaluate the professionalism of a candidate as a lot of data provided by recruitment agencies are unreliable. So, Aworker is a blockchain platform made entirely for the purpose of recruitment. It substantiates the high costs of hiring which is around $8000.

Job seekers find it a challenge to seek a new job because of the cut throat level of competitors with equivalently talented CV and skills. This is where Aworker steps in, it uses a blockchain technology to build a peer to peer (P2P) platform for personnel recruitment. The blockchain technology has the concept of smart contracts by which it has become possible for Aworker to evaluate the applicants. The companies will receive applications for hiring and will be able to communicate directly with the candidates, whilst, on the back hand, the HR managers will be creating vacancies by simply using the smart contracts. Aworker believes that decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating a brand new system of networks where each person will be able to show professionalism and be able to develop a reliable employee.

One of the major problems companies face are the complexities of candidature evaluation. A candidate may write anything about himself in the resume and say anything in the interview and this leads to the confusion on the hands of the employers about assessing the professional competencies of a candidate quickly. Companies spend n number of time and money on training the said selected applicant but what if he turns out to give poorest of the performance as compared to what he says in the resume.

As all new decentralized blockchain companies, Aworker will have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as well to raise the funds required to reach the goal. The Aworker token will be called WORK. The maximum amount of WORK tokens will be 213,778,675 WORK and 1 ETH = 3,436 WORK. The next token sale starts on 31st March 2018. The distribution starts with 60% for the token sale, 15.8% for the reserve fund, 10% for the team, 7% for the advisers, 4.2% for seed contributors and 3% for bounty.