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44 Bitcoin Forks Have Appeared Within 10 Months

44 Bitcoin Forks Have Appeared Within 10 Months

June 27, 2018 5:34 am,

A hard fork happens when a miner mines an illegal block by assigning hash power into the Bitcoin protocol. For example, Bitcoin Cash had a few Chinese mining businesses like ViaBTC backing the project and hence was clever to mine an unacceptable block to start the Bitcoin Cash chain. But, not all of the 44 forks have hard-forked the Bitcoin protocol in a sincere way. It is hard to see that Bitcoin Pizza, Bitcoin Candy, and Bitcoin God, which are clearly schemes make an effort to apply the supremacy of bitcoin over the market to make short-term incomes, established adequate backing from miners to mine an unacceptable block.

In a conference with Bloomberg, Independent Research fintech plan manager Lex Sokolin added suggestively more forks will probably arise in the upcoming, given that platforms like Fokgen have allowed almost anyone who has enough technical skills to type on a keyboard and use the touchpad to make copies or clones of main cryptocurrencies and generate hard forks.

Though, the word “clone” used by Sokolin is precisely why these invented hard forks cannot be measured as hard forks. The plan often engaged by personalities and administrations that generate replicas of bitcoin is just copying the codebase of bitcoin, change the project name, implement a minor change that is invisible, and rebrand it as a completely new scheme that has hard divided the Bitcoin network.

In actuality, these projects are not hard forks of the bitcoin protocol, since they certainly not mined an invalid block on the blockchain of bitcoin to recruit a new fork. Instead, these are airdrops; projects that allocate recently formed coins to the present user base of bitcoin to get a base consumer base to kickstart its scheme. Replica, airdrop, and clone are more precise terms to define these schemes.

Ari Paul, a co-founder at BlockTower, a cryptocurrency hedge fund originated by Goldman Sachs executives, supposed that only 10 percent of the value of bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will exist in all of the hard forks presently in being and that may arise in the upcoming.